• A Look at the Attachments for the Bobcat Skid-Steer S70

    One of the advantages of the Bobcat Skid-Steer S70 is that it has a wide variety of attachments that can be put on and removed with just a snap. The spring-loaded attachment devices with wear-compensating wedges also features a coupler that can push trapped air out of the line by releasing hydraulic oil, so that every attachment change goes smoothly and that every attachment can be used with complete confidence in its security. Here is a look at just a few of the available attachments for this machine, which you can rent from A-1 Rental Center.


    The auger attachment for the Bobcat Skid-Steer S70 is high torque and heavy duty. It provides impressive speed and reliable accuracy. It will hang vertically even on uneven terrain. This attachment makes easier and faster than ever to create holes for fence posts, poles, or trees, even in difficult soil conditions. You can change the width to precisely match the size of the holes that you need.


    If you’re doing large landscaping jobs or digging ditches for water lines, power lines, or septic tanks, this is the attachment for you. The backhoe lets you excavate large spaces with ease. With this attachment, you can achieve digging depths of between 1.8 and 3.5 meters.

    Concrete Mixer

    Getting the right mix for your concrete is an essential. The concrete mixer attachment is a convenient and cost-effective way to do just that. It is just the right size for concrete driveways and paths, so it’s perfect for home project use. The small size also makes it ideal for using in area that are small or that has tight corners.

    Rent Bobcat equipment plus augers, backhoes, and more from A-1 Rental Center. Our huge selection of equipment rentals in Redwood City makes it easy to always have the right tools for the job without having to buy something new every time you’re taking on a project. Learn more about our selection by calling (650) 369-2992.

  • Tips for Using a Floor Polisher

    A floor polisher is the perfect way to clean, polish, buff, or strip flooring. Floor polishers provide better results than cleaning with a scrub brush, and they make the job much faster and easier as well. Not many people keep a floor polisher around the house, but fortunately, they are available as equipment rentals for as little as a day or as much as four weeks. If you decide to rent a floor polisher, this advice will help you get the job done.

    Choose the Right Pads

    Floor polishers can be used with buffing, or cutting, pads and polishing pads. It is important to choose the right one for the job. Buffing pads have rougher surfaces, so they are abrasive. They are used for stripping and buffing. To polish the floor, you will need a polishing pad. Polishing pads are made of foam rubber and are smooth, so they aren’t abrasive. This creates a shine on the floor.

    Use Buffing Polish

    To buff a floor, you will need to use buffing polish. Spread it all over the floor before you begin. After the buffing polish has been applied, start at the back of the room and work your way back and forth across the floor surface until you reach the front of the room. Always move the polisher from left to right. Because the pad spins in a clockwise motion, moving from right to left will cause a buffer burn on the surface of the floor.

    Pick the Right Cleanser

    When you’re polishing the floor, you will need to use a cleanser. The type you use depends on the kind of floor you have and what kind of strains are on the surface. Once you have the right kind of cleaners, work from the back of the room to the front in a straight line, going up and down the room.

    A-1 Rental Center offers two sizes of floor polishers among our selection of equipment rentals. To reserve equipment for your project, such as floor polishers or moving equipment in Redwood City, call (650) 369-2992.

  • Tips for Using a Brad Nailer

    Brad nailers are alternatives to finish nailers. They are recommended for small scale, precision woodwork, such as attaching molding. Typically, brad nailers are used when standard nails and finish nailers could damage the wood. Pneumatic brad nailers need to be attached to an air compressor for power. If you rent this air tool for your project, these tips will help you get the most out of it.

    Prep the Nailer

    Before you can begin, you need to prep the brad nailer. Start by inspecting it for any signs of damage. You may need to apply an air tool lubricating oil to the air piston so that it won’t malfunction when in use. When you’re satisfied it is in good working condition, load it with brads. It is best to load the number of brads that you think you will need for your project so that you don’t have to stop in the middle of your work. Attach the nailer to the air compressor, making sure that the connection is tight enough to prevent air loss.

    Test the Power

    Take a piece of scrap wood and test the nailer, so you can make sure it is functioning properly and so you can get used to the power. Place the tip of the nailer directly on the wood at a 90-degree angle and pull the trigger. The brad should go directly into the wood in a straight line. If it does, then you can move on with your project.

    Work in a Straight Line

    As you use the nailer, work in a straight line. If a brad doesn’t go through the surface the entire way, it is better to remove it and start again, as trying to hammer it in will split the wood.

    For a full selection of air tools in Redwood City, choose A-1 Rental Center. In addition to air tools, we offer moving equipment, generator rentals, and much more. Contact us today at (650) 369-2992 for more information.

  • How to Use an Airless Paint Sprayer

    Airless sprayers make painting easier than ever before. If you are painting your home or on a worksite, putting an airless sprayer on your equipment rental order will help you get the job done fast.

    This video offers tips for using the airless sprayer effectively. Keep the sprayer tip about a foot from the wall, and use smooth, up-and-down motions to cover the wall without lines and drips. Be sure to protect the floor and ceiling from overspray before you begin.

    Whether you need an airless sprayer, scaffolds, or dollies to move furniture out of your painting space, you’ll find everything you need at A-1 Rental Center. To reserve your equipment rental in Redwood City, call (650) 369-2992.

  • What to Consider When Renting a Generator

    If you decide to rent a generator, you may be surprised by how many options are available. Getting the right one for your needs is essential, not only for making sure you have the power necessary for your task, but also for your safety. Your equipment rental company can help you select the right generator. These tips will also help.

    Start by considering the size of the space for which you need power. If you will be using a generator for power for a large home, for instance, you will need a larger one than you would if you simply want power for a small workspace. You should also consider the load size of the equipment that you are trying to power and whether the generator you are considering is quiet enough for the environment in which you will be using it.

    If you need a generator in Redwood City, let A-1 Rental Center help you make the right choice. For more information about our generator rentals and more, please call (650) 369-2992.

  • How to Reduce the Noise Levels of an Air Compressor

    Air compressors are indispensable in home workshops and on job-sites, but they are known for being extremely loud. Dimming the noise levels can protect your hearing so you can use your air compressor for extended periods comfortably. There are several things you can do to reduce the noise levels of your air compressor so you can get to work. Try these tips the next time you use any air tools.

    Wear Hearing Protection

    Hearing protection is a must when you are using air compressors. Foam ear plugs, molded plugs, and earmuffs can all protect your ears when you are using an air compressor, so choose whichever ones feel the most comfortable and are the most practical for the kind of work you will be doing. Keep in mind that ear protection is required on job-sites for most air compressors, according to OSHA guidelines.

    Try a Sound Blanket

    Sound blankets are placed inside the cabinet that houses the compressor part of the equipment, which is the part that is responsible for most of the noise that is generated. They are available in a range of sizes and shapes to fit nearly every type of machine. Sound blankets come equipped with hooks and loop closures for fast installation, and they can significantly buffer the noise of the compressor so that emission levels are more comfortable.

    Keep Your Distance

    It can be helpful to keep the compressor as far away from you as possible when working with it, which will diminish the amount of noise you hear. Some people even opt to construct a barrier using plywood or gypsum to separate themselves from the compressor. However, make sure you can access the compressor quickly and easily when necessary.

    Are you looking for air tools in Redwood City? Rent all of the equipment you need for your project or job from A-1 Rental Center. Learn more about air tools, moving equipment, and all of our equipment rentals by dialing (650) 369-2992.

  • Installing Your Own Rain Gutter

    Rain gutters protect your home from water and ice damage. If your home lacks gutters, you could be setting yourself up for significant repair costs in the future. Fortunately, with the right equipment rentals, you can do the job yourself.

    Watch this video to learn how to install your own rain gutter. Be careful not to hang your gutter too high, as it could be damaged when ice or snow slides off your roof. You should also be sure that the ladder in your equipment rentals list is high enough to reach your roof.

    A-1 Rental Center has everything you need for home improvement projects, including drills, air tools, and augers. For more information about equipment rentals in Redwood City, call (650) 369-2992.

  • What Safety Equipment Should Every DIY-er Have?

    If you’re addicted to DIY, then you know how satisfying it can be to see a home improvement idea become a reality by your own hands. However, DIY work often means using equipment rentals that might be foreign to you and operating tools that can potentially be dangerous. You can protect yourself from injuries and stick to your DIY project schedule by ensuring that you have this safety equipment on hand at all times.

    Ladder Leveler

    Working on a ladder always requires caution. Before even climbing on the ladder, you should inspect it to ensure that there aren’t any weak spots or missing screws that could jeopardize you. Placing your ladder on a flat surface is also important, but in reality, sometimes you need to use you ladder in a place where the ground is simply uneven. A ladder leveler stabilizes your ladder in these situations, so that is safer for you to climb.

    Circuit Tester

    If any of your projects involve working with your home electrical system, then you need a circuit tester. This tool helps you make sure you shut down the right circuit before doing any electrical work, so you don’t inadvertently start working on live wires. You simply plug one side into the circuit you need to disconnect and then test it on your circuit board before you begin your project.

    Eye and Ear Protection

    Eye and ear protection are among the most basic things you can do for your safety, but they are also easy to overlook. Anytime your DIY project could potentially involve flying pieces of debris or sparks, you need eye goggles. If your project involves loud tools like air compressors, drills, and blowers, then you need earplugs or earmuffs.

    At A-1 Rental Center, we have all of the equipment rentals you need to cross all of your DIY projects off your list. Contact us today at (650) 369-2992 for find out more about all of our equipment, including air compressors, drills, and trenching equipment in Redwood City.

  • A Look at Our Damage Waivers

    A-1 Rental Center includes a damage waiver on all of our equipment rentals, unless the customer specifically declines it. The waivers exist to protect customers from being held responsible for costly equipment damage, should there be an accident or misuse of the equipment while it is in use. Because much of our equipment costs thousands of dollars, this damage waiver can save customers a significant amount of money.

    With the damage waiver, we agree to waive all claims against a customer for equipment damage, except for a $250 deductible on equipment valued at over $5,000. Equipment that is valued at a lower cost is protected without a deductible. The waiver protects customers from damages whether they were intentional or accidental. The cost for a damage waiver for equipment is 10% of the rental cost, and on vehicles, it is $12 per day, $48 per week, or $144 per month.

    A-1 Rental Center is happy to explain our damage waiver and all of our rental policies when you reserve your equipment. To learn more about our equipment rentals in Redwood City, call (650) 369-2992.

  • What to Do if You Experience a Mechanical Breakdown on Your Rental

    One of the best things about renting tools in San Mateo is that you don’t have to worry about any of the maintenance or repairs to keep those tools in their best working condition. However, breakdowns can occasionally happen when the equipment is in use, so you may need to take some steps to get rented tools fixed if they suddenly stop functioning.

    Most importantly, you should never try to make repairs yourself. Even if you know what you’re doing, any errors could end up costing you. Instead, stop using the equipment, turn it off, and unplug it immediately. Call the rental company to swap out the tool or to have them come make onsite repairs.

    When you rent from A-1 Rental Center , you can rest assured that any mechanical breakdowns will be handled promptly and efficiently. We even offer time credit to customers who call right away for repairs instead of waiting out their rental period to alert us about any problems. To reach us for your equipment rental needs in San Mateo and the greater Bay Area, call us at (650) 369-2992.