Plumbing Equipment Rentals near Redwood City

Sometimes a plumbing problem requires more sophisticated equipment than the average homeowner has on hand. Rather than buying expensive equipment for only a handful of uses, A-1 Equipment Rental Center offers you the opportunity to rent plumbing equipment including augers, pipe cameras, drills, and more. We are also pleased to be your one-stop shop for generators, wedding rentals, and party rentals in Redwood City, San Jose, San Mateo, Oakland, and San Francisco.

Pipe Camera Basics

Plumbing Equipment Rental in Redwood City

Plumbing pipes and drains form a hidden network inside and beneath your home. Thus, the majority of plumbing clogs and leaks form well out of sight. A pipe camera consists of a small camera on an extendable boom or cable that can be fed down into pipes, drains, and septic systems. The camera sends back images in real time, allowing you to evaluate the state of your plumbing system or identify problems that are otherwise impossible to visualize without digging up sections of pipe. By using a camera to find the source of trouble accurately, you can solve plumbing issues properly the first time to avoid the need for additional repairs. Pipe cameras are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate different diameters and widths of plumbing pipe, allowing you to choose the right rental camera for your needs.

Common Plumbing Problems

  • Clogs are one of the most common plumbing problems you’ll ever encounter. A clog can form in the smaller drains of your home, as well as in the single sewer line running from your home to the main sewer under your street. If you have a septic system, clogs can also affect the tank or the pipes that run through your drain field. Plumbing snakes, or augers, are often the best solution to dislodge a stubborn clog and restore normal flow through a drain.
  • A pipe leak may be large and obvious, or it may be small and slow. Identifying areas of broken or damaged pipe is essential to repairing the leak and preventing further water loss and water damage. Leaks are often caused when older pipes deteriorate; they may also be caused by excessively high water pressure, plant roots penetrating a drain line, or pipes that have frozen and burst. Once you have identified the leak, you’ll need to repair the damaged portion of pipe to restore its integrity.

Knowing the most common plumbing problems you’re likely to experience can help you diagnose an issue quickly and seek out the right equipment to solve your problem fully. Email or call A-1 Equipment Rental Center today at (650) 369-2992 to find out more about our wide selection of plumbing equipment, construction equipment, and party rentals near San Jose.

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