• Comparing Our Small and Large Carpet Rollers

    If you are planning to install some new flooring, a carpet roller is the perfect equipment rental to help. Carpet rollers can be used for both carpet and linoleum. Using rollers helps you avoid the appearance of seams on the floor and allow the final result to look smooth and clean, without any bumps, lumps, or uneven edges.

    Both our small and large carpet rollers have detachable wheel assembly kits, so you can transport it easily. They also both have upright support and segmented, chrome rollers that apply even pressure. The axels are inset to prevent wall scuffs. The small roller can support 75 pounds of carpet of linoleum, while the large one can support 100 pounds.

    A-1 Rental Center has everything you need to complete both large and small flooring projects, including rollers, steamers, and strippers. Our huge collection of equipment rentals in Redwood City also includes drills, generators, and moving equipment to shift furniture during your flooring work. To reserve your tools, call (650) 369-2992.

  • Setting Up an Outdoor Quinceanera Celebration

    When you’re planning a quinceanera, or quince, think outside the box when it comes to your venue. Instead of going for a traditional quince in a restaurant or event venue, hold your celebration outdoors. With a tent and table and chair rentals, you can create an upscale party that is fitting for the celebration. Here are some ideas for setting up your outdoor quince.

    Make Your Event Rental Reservations Early

    Event rentals, like tents, tables, and chairs, can go quickly. That’s why it is smart to make your rental reservation as soon as you know your party date. This will help to ensure that you get exactly what you want. Your rental list depends on the style of your event and the size of your guest list, but tents, chairs, tables, linens, and other party supplies should be on your list. Choosing your color theme before you make your reservations will also help you determine exactly what you need for your event.

    Choose the Best Party Tent for Your Needs

    The most common kinds of party tents are pole tents and frame tents. Pole tents are supported by poles that come up at different points from the floor. This creates peaks along the top for a dramatic look, but it also means that there are poles in the center of your party space. Frame tents are supported by metal frames, so there are no center poles, but they don’t have the same kind of dramatic look on top. These are pros and cons to both kind of tents, so choose the one that fits your quince vision the best.

    Use Lighting to Set the Scene

    If your quince will go into the evening, lighting can be a beautiful part of your design. Dangling strings of light, colored lights, and fairy lights are just some of the ideas for using lights as part of your design. Don’t forget to include functional lighting inside your tent for dancing, eating, and more.

    A-1 Rental Center has all of the party rentals in Redwood City that you need to create your dream quince. Make a rental reservation today by calling us at (650) 369-2992.

  • Reasons You Might Need to Use Bolt Cutters

    When you’re putting together your list of equipment rentals, you might wonder why you should add bolt cutters to the list. Bolt cutters can do many different jobs besides just cutting bolts, so they can come in a handy in a variety of projects.

    Watch this video to learn more about some different uses for bolt cutters. They are ideal for cutting wire and other heavy-duty materials used in projects, allowing you to get a smooth cut with precise measurements using a minimum of force.

    A-1 Rental Center has all of the equipment rentals in Redwood City you need to complete your project, whether you have a small repair to make on a Saturday afternoon or a weeklong remodeling job to do. Call us today at (650) 369-2992 for more information.

  • Proper Site Preparation for Your New Walkway

    If you are adding a new walkway to your landscaping, proper site preparation is essential for getting the best results. Be sure to add the right tools to your list of equipment rentals for the job, so you have everything you need for each phase of the project when you begin. Here is what you need to know about preparing the site for the installation of your new walkway.

    Find Out if You Need Building Permits

    In some areas, installing a pathway requires you to have a permit for the project. Call your town council or local building inspector to see what the requirements are in your area. If the town or county doesn’t require a permit, your homeowner’s association may also require you to apply for approval. Be sure to check all of these guidelines in advance, because failing to do so could lead to your project being shut down in the middle, not to mention fines.

    Excavate the Work Area

    Before you excavate, lay out the exact space, size, and shape that you want your pathway to have. Use stakes with strips of siding attached to them to mark the area. A spacer bar will help you to keep everything even. Excavate the area, including any tree roots and rocks that will make it uneven. If the pathway is going through an area of your outdoor space in which water tends to puddle, dig that portion of the pathway shallower than other areas.

    Compact the Dirt

    After you’ve excavated the space, make sure it’s smooth and ready for concrete by compacting the soil. Compaction ensures that the concrete you pour will be adequately supported, which in turn will reduce the risk of cracks and uneven pavement.

    You can find all of the equipment rentals you need to prepare the space and complete your walkway project at A-1 Rental Center. For rentals of concrete equipment, excavators, and compaction tools in Redwood City, call us today at (650) 369-2992.


  • Making Sure Your Wedding Tent Is Comfortable for Your Guests

    A wedding tent is a must-have feature for an outdoor wedding. Not only does a tent give you a plan B if the weather doesn’t work in your favor, but it also gives your guests some place to go if they feel like escaping the elements for a while. However, whether you’re only spending part of your wedding inside the tent or you plan to host the entire affair inside of it, the comfort of your guests is paramount. Here are some of the things you can do to make sure your wedding tent is comfortable and inviting for your guests, including some things to add to your party rental list.


    Anyone who has ever walked across grass in heels knows how annoying—and dangerous—it can be to sink into the ground with every step. Renting flooring for your tent will take care of that problem, so your guests can walk and dance comfortably. If the weather turns, you will be glad you have flooring, so that the ground doesn’t turn to mud underneath your guests’ feet at your reception.

    Climate Control

    Even if your wedding is planned for a time of year in which temperatures are usually moderate, you can’t predict what the weather will be like on the day of your ceremony. Likewise, even if it is comfortable outside, being outdoors for extended periods of time can still leave people feeling chilly or hot. You can prevent this by getting heating or cooling for inside your tent. There are a number of different portable options you can use easily and safely under your wedding tent.


    If your wedding will extend into the evening, you will want lighting inside your tent to keep the party going. Strings of lights along the top and sides of the tent look pretty but they may not be enough. Consider adding a variety of lighting sources to capture the mood.

    Are you looking for a wedding tent in Redwood City? Contact A-1 Rental Center to learn more about our party rentals, including tents, tables, and chairs. Get answers to your questions by calling (650) 369-2992.

  • Advice for Pruning Your Bushes

    Pruning is one of the tasks that is required if you want to keep your landscaping looking its best. By renting garden equipment, you can get everything you need to complete the pruning process without having to invest in tools you only use a few times.

    This video offers advice for effective pruning. Start by making sure you know why you’re pruning, as your approach will be different depending on the end goal. Avoid pruning in the spring, when most bushes are in a new growth phase.

    For garden equipment rentals in Redwood City, call A-1 Rental Center. Our large selection of equipment rentals is right for home DIYers and professionals in need of a special tool for a job. Learn more by calling us at (650) 369-2992.

  • The Dos and Don’ts of Grilling with Propane

    If you are grilling with propane, there are a few steps to follow to ensure you and your family stay safe. In addition to equipment rentals, A-1 Rental Center fills propane tanks, so you’ll always be ready when backyard barbecuing calls. As you get ready to grill, keep these dos and don’ts in mind.

    Do Check for Propane Leaks Before Each Use

    Propane leaks can occur in your grill lines, so be sure to check them before each use. In some cases, you will know that there is a propane leak immediately, because you will notice the smell. In other instances, a leak can be present without an obvious odor. Experts recommend that you check for leaks by applying some soap and water to the gas line. If you see bubbles, there is a gas leak. Don’t use the grill if this happens. Instead, turn off the tank and the grill. If the leak persists, call the fire department.

    Don’t Smoke While Grilling

    Not only is smoking while you’re grilling generally unappealing to your guests, it is also extremely dangerous. You should also avoid smoking when you are handling the propane tank itself. Cigarettes, cigars, matches, and lighters all pose a danger when you’re working around propane, so keep them far away from your tank and grill.

    Do Use Your Grill in a Well Ventilated Area

    Never use a propane grill in an enclosed space, where smoke and gas could build up. This includes your garage, which does not offer enough ventilation, even when the doors are up. Use the grill outdoors on a flat, stable surface, and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for placement and usage.

    Don’t run out of propane when you’re ready to cook dinner. Let A-1 Rental Center help you keep your propane tank full in Redwood City. We also offer a long list of equipment rentals, including tractors, dollies, and augers. Learn more by calling (650) 369-2992.

  • Preventing Injuries When Using a Chain Saw

    Chain saws are popular equipment rentals for a wide range of purposes, from gardening to construction. However, they are powerful tools that can cause injury if not used properly. If you are new to operating a chain saw and include one when you rent garden equipment or other tools, it’s important to take the time to learn about safe operation before you start using it. These steps will help you get the most out of your chain saw rental without injury.

    Wear the Appropriate Safety Gear

    As with many pieces of equipment, the right safety gear is the key to reducing the risk of injury when operating a chain saw. Wear logging boots and chain saw chaps, which protect your legs from the saw if you come close to them, a helmet, and safety goggles. Gloves that protect your hands are also important. Many people opt to wear ear protection as well when operating a chain saw to protect themselves from extended exposure to the loud motor.

    Inspect the Saw

    Before you start using the chain saw, inspect it for signs of damage. Don’t use the saw if you see leaking fuel or lubricants or if any of the pieces appear to be missing or loose. Make sure the air filter is clean and that the starter rope is not hanging loose. Test the chain brake to make sure it stops the chain quickly and smoothly. The saw should be equipped with an undamaged chain catcher and throttle interlock.

    Work Slowly

    Because of the force of a chain saw, it is easy to lose your balance. Stand with your left leg slightly forward and bend both of your knees to stay stable. As you use the saw, work closely and don’t force it. The saw will do the work without you putting any additional pressure on it, if you allow it to.

    A-1 Rental Center offers a variety of saws, including two sizes of chain saws, for all of your projects. Our equipment rentals come with competitive pricing and convenient rental terms, so you can get exactly what you need. Contact our equipment rental company in Redwood City at (650) 369-2992 for more information.

  • Pouring a Concrete Path

    A concrete path is an affordable way to upgrade your outdoor space. You don’t have to be a professional to lay a small pathway, as long as you choose the right equipment rentals. Watch this video to see how easy it can be to pour a concrete path.

    Once you dig the depth you want for your pathway, spread the concrete in the area and level it. When it starts to dry, you can use your equipment rentals to add texture to the surface. Finish it with a sealant, and your path will be complete.

    Get all of the equipment rentals in Redwood City you need from A-1 Rental Center. For more information about renting everything from air tools to augers, call (650) 369-2992 today.

  • Signs that Your Lawn Needs to Be Dethatched

    A moderate amount of thatch provides protective benefits for your lawn, but when it grows into a thick layer, it can be damaging. When this occurs, it is necessary to dethatch your lawn. If you don’t dethatch when there is an overgrowth of thatch, then your soil will be starved of nutrients and water will be retained close to the blades of your grass, causing disease. Fortunately, landscaping equipment rentals from A-1 Rental Center mean that you can easily get everything you need for the job. Here are some of the signs that indicate that your lawn needs to be dethatched.

    Do a Visual Inspection

    Walk around your lawn and determine if you can see soil between the turf crowns. If you can’t see soil, you are probably seeing thatch. You can determine if the thatch is too thick by trying to stick your finger through it. If you can’t easily penetrate the layer of thatch to reach the soil, then it is unlikely that water, sunlight, and nutrients are getting through either. In this instance, dethatching is necessary to remove the barrier that is blocking your soil.

    Try a Touch Test

    Walking barefoot across a lawn with springy, bouncy grass may feel good, but it can actually be an indication that you have an unhealthy level of thatch. Take a stroll across your lawn or press it with your hands in a few spots. If it feels spongy or like the grass has a lot of spring, consider dethatching to thin things out.

    Grab Your Ruler

    The most accurate way to determine if you have an excessive amount of thatch is simply to measure it. Remove a wedge of grass and about three inches of soil using a trowel, or simply pull up a section. Use your ruler to measure the thatch. If there is more than three-quarters of an inch, then you need to dethatch.

    Are you looking for garden equipment in Redwood City? A-1 Rental Center has you covered. We have an extensive selection of landscaping equipment rentals available by the day, week, or month. Reserve your tools by calling (650) 369-2992.