• Effective Strategies for Using Scaffolding

    When it comes to working on your roof, exterior walls, or other high up locations, scaffolding is often the safest and most effective route to take. If you have never used scaffolding before, it is important that you understand how to acquire it as well as set up your station safely. Here are a few effective strategies for using scaffolding.

    Renting Scaffolding scaffold rental redwood city

    Although a ladder is very handy to have, it might not suffice in certain situations. This is why it helps to understand how to work with scaffolding. There are many different types of scaffolding, and the nature of your task plays a factor when it comes time to choose your tools. If you are working on your roof, arranging holiday decorations, or fixing up your siding, first consider the height at which you will be working. Talk to the specialists at your equipment rental store for help in deciding what type of scaffolding will be right for your project.

    Organizing Your Station

    Many scaffolding projects will take you high above the ground, so it wouldn’t make sense for your tools to stay at ground level. Once you have assembled your scaffolding , set up a rope so that you can pull materials up when you need them. You can also set up a partial workstation on top of your scaffolding, or even your roof. Never lean over the edges of your scaffold, and refrain from propping your tools there as well.

    Staying Safe

    As helpful and convenient as scaffolding can be, it can be very dangerous when used improperly. Whenever you step down for a break, check your setup again before climbing aboard your scaffolding. Be sure to read any manuals or instructions that your scaffolding comes with to ensure that you abide by the weight requirements.

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  • Tips for Prepping Aluminum Siding for Painting

    Before you can get to painting, you’ll have to prep your aluminum siding. Fortunately certain equipment rentals can help. Watch this video for tips for prepping aluminum siding for painting.

    If you have an abundance of time on your hands, you can prep your aluminum siding using a gallon of water, liquid TSP, and a cup of household bleach. If you don’t have the time to do it by hand, use a pressure washer. This tool will pressurize the water from your garden hose and efficiently remove mildew and dirt from your siding.

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  • A Look at Scaffolding Safety

    A scaffold is a common piece of equipment on many different construction sites. To ensure that you and your workers are safe as they work, you should be sure to educate all of your employees about the essentials of scaffold safety. For example, it is essential to make sure that any worker on a scaffold is provided with adequate fall protection. If you would like to learn more about the essentials of scaffolding safety, watch this video from Safety Links.

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