• An Essential Guide to Drills

    drill rental redwood city A drill is an extremely versatile tool that can make a wide range of jobs simpler. Whether you’re building furniture or repairing your gutters, it’s a good idea to have a drill handy. If you only need a drill for one project, you might consider renting instead of purchasing. A rental equipment company in Redwood City can help you determine which drill best suits your needs.

    There are two main types of drills: corded and cordless. If your project requires you to work far from an electrical outlet or generator, then a cordless drill is your best bet; if not, a corded model will suffice. Some projects call for wet drilling, and require a drill that is properly designed for the job. Other projects involve tight spaces or awkward angles, and may call for a right angle drill. When determining what kind of drill you need, it’s important figure out exactly how drilling will factor into your project. For further help settling on the right drill, speak with a rental equipment expert near San Francisco.

  • Table Saw Safety 101

    The most important aspect of equipment rentals is understanding how to use them safely. As useful as they can be, they can also be dangerous. Watch this video clip for a crash course in table saw safety.

    Before you approach the table saw, make sure your sleeves are rolled up past your elbow or you are wearing a short-sleeved shirt. You should also be equipped with protection for both your ears and your eyes. Use an outfeed table so you don’t have to reach over and grab the material, and refrain from positioning yourself directly behind the saw to avoid injury via kickback.

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  • What You Need to Know About Circular Saws

    Tackling a home improvement or contracting job? If you’re working with lumber, a circular saw is likely to be at the top of your tool rental list. Tool rental services in Redwood City offer a wide variety of saws to choose from, so it’s important to know when circular saws are ideal for your job and how to choose one. Here are some tips to get you started with circular saws.

    Saw Configurations Tool rental services in Redwood City

    Circular saws come in a variety of configurations to accommodate different users and jobs. One of the primary factors to consider is the location of the motor relative to the blade. Worm drive saws have a motor that is in line with the blade, which delivers high amounts of torque but can be very heavy. Sidewinder or small sidewinder saws have motors sitting alongside or behind the blade, which makes them smaller but may reduce torque. The saw you pick up at your equipment rental service should vary on the size of the job as well as the stature of the user.

    Corded or Cordless

    Generally speaking, equipment that can be plugged right into an outlet is capable of producing more torque and power than battery powered tools. This holds true for corded circular saws as well. However, cordless circular saws offer additional flexibility and maneuverability when working far away from an outlet, on a ladder, or in a setting that requires portability. But make sure you also pick up a battery charger at your equipment rental store—battery life on cordless rental tools tend to be limited in high-use situations.

    Using Your Saw

    Depending on your project, you may need additional equipment to safely and efficiently use your circular saw. Check to see if your equipment rental service has sawhorses or portable benches to give you a proper working surface. Always wear gloves and safety glasses, and always set your blade so that the bottommost tooth is no more than 1/4 inch below the lumber you’re cutting.

    For an excellent selection of circular saws and other tool and equipment rentals, stop by A-1 Equipment Renta l in Redwood City, CA. Call 650-369-2992 for more information.

  • A Look at the Different Types of Saws

    Whether you are preparing for a home improvement project, or are planning on setting up a woodworking studio in your home, power saws are among the most important types of equipment that you can rent. Along with drills in Redwood City, your equipment rental center is sure to have a variety of saws that are suited for all of your tasks . From table saws to jigsaws and more, you will have a wide selection of saws to choose from. To help you pick out the right equipment for your project, here is a look at the different types of saws and how they are used.

    Circular Saws

    saw rental redwood city

    The term circular saw is used to describe any type of saw that has a blade that rotates in a circle. Since circular saws can either be handheld or mounted to a table, you will be able to pick out a circular saw that is a good fit for your project. For example, a circular table saw can be used to cut larger slabs of wood.

    Reciprocating Blade Saws

    Reciprocating blade saws are also commonly used for many different projects. Unlike circular saws, which have circular, rotating blades, reciprocating blade saws feature straight blades that move up and down. These saws can be used for detailed cuts.

    Continuous Band Saws

    The last type of saw that you may want to consider is a continuous band saw. This type of saw contains a long metal blade, which is continually fed through the saw mechanism. With a continuous band saw, you will be able to cut through tough materials, such as metal sheets or raw timber.

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  • What You Need to Know About Gas-Powered Tool Safety

    While gas-powered tools can be helpful and effective, they can also be very dangerous when used improperly. Fortunately, you can avoid the dangers of carbon monoxide by operating in a safe place and becoming familiar with your air compressors and gas-powered tools. Here is what you need to know about gas-powered tool safety.

    Dangers of Carbon Monoxide air tools rental redwood city

    Homes tend to be equipped with both smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors in order to protect families from the dangers of each. Although you can visibly detect smoke in the air, carbon monoxide lacks both color and odor. Carbon monoxide is made even more dangerous by its ability to poison individuals without their knowledge, sometimes to a fatal extent. Engines used in gas-powered tools and equipment can emit carbon monoxide into the air, so it is especially important to understand the dangers if you frequently work with these tools.

    Working in a Safe Environment

    As a gaseous emission, carbon monoxide will freely disperse in the air. If you are working inside, however, the walls of your home, garage, or workplace will typically contain the gas to the immediate area. This is why it is important to use gasoline-powered tools in areas with proper ventilation. Ideally, it helps to use these tools outdoors. The only time a gas-powered tool should be used in an even partially enclosed location is when the engine is kept outdoors.

    Understanding Your Equipment

    Knowing how your equipment operates and how much carbon monoxide it emits can also be helpful in avoiding dangerous situations. If you purchase your gas-powered tools, read the manuals that come with them. If you rent them, talk to your equipment rental professionals to learn as much as you can about your tools and keep yourself and your surroundings safe.

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  • A Beginner’s Guide to Using a Drill

    Drills are among the most important tools in any toolbox. When you are planning on renting a drill, you will want to make sure that you know how to use your drill safely and efficiently. For example, a battery-operated drill will need to be charged before it can be used. As you are drilling, you will need to select the right bit for your task. After your bit has been selected, you will be ready to start drilling. For a look at the basics of using a drill, check out this video clip.

    At A-1 Equipment Rental Center, we can provide you with rentals for all of your upcoming projects. From drills and moving equipment to generators in Redwood City, we offer a full line of equipment. Call (650) 369-2002 to reserve a rental drill today .

  • Jigsaws 101

    Different types of saws are useful in different types of situations. Jigsaws make for one type of party rental that is useful for cutting designs in a plane of wood. Watch this video for Jigsaws 101.

    Few saws will allow you to cleanly cut through the middle of a plank of wood, but this is where the jigsaw shines. You can even use a key to adjust the plate under your jigsaw in order to cut your designs at different angles. Many jigsaws come with speed settings so you can make your cuts comfortably, steadily, and accurately.

    A-1 Equipment Rental Center specializes in an array of party rentals in San Jose. We offer dollies, drills, tractors, and tables for rent. You can learn much more about our services by giving us a call at (650) 369-2992. If you live nearby, feel free to visit our website or stop by and see us today.

  • Table Saw Safety Tips

    Drills, saws, and blades can be invaluable and even necessary for the completion of various projects, but these equipment rentals can also be very dangerous if used improperly. Watch this video for a few table saw safety tips.

    Before you approach a table saw you should already be equipped with the proper safety gear. This may include eye protection like goggles as well as safety gloves. Always remember to place a guard over the blade of your saw to reduce your chance of accidents, and use a splitter to avoid kickback. While your rip fence is helpful for lengthwise cuts, it should never be used for a cross cut.

    If you would like additional table saw safety tips, contact A-1 Equipment Rental Center or visit our website. Our party rental company specializes in air tools, blowers, and generators in San Mateo. Learn more about our equipment rentals by stopping by our offices or calling (650) 369-2992.

  • How to Use Concrete Power Tools

    concrete equipment rental redwood city If you are planning out your first concrete project, you should learn how to use the proper concrete power tools before you rent them from an event and equipment rental service. You must choose the proper tools and understand how to use them safely. Continue reading to learn how to use concrete power tools.

    Choosing the Tool for the Job

    In the event that you find yourself struggling through a project involving concrete, consider whether or not you are using the proper concrete tools . Be sure that you can get the power you need for the job out of the power tool you have chosen. Consider the amount of freedom you need and choose a tool that can accommodate your needs. Talk to the professionals at your event and party rental store for recommendations.

    Providing the Right Finish

    The last steps of a concrete job are often among the most important because they impact the aesthetic value of the project. You can use a variety of tools to lay the finishing touches, and many choose to use trowels. Small or medium sized concrete jobs may afford you the opportunity to use a walk-behind power trowel. These tools can help you achieve a smooth finish that is clean and cosmetically appealing. For larger projects, you may want to look into a trowel that you can operate while riding on for a consistent finish.

    Using Concrete Tools Safely

    No matter what your concrete project entails, it is important that you operate your concrete power tools safely. You can do this by wearing protection for your face, ears, and hands and using your tools properly. Always operate power tools with both hands and avoid working in wet conditions.

    A-1 Equipment Rental Center is proud to offer an assortment of blowers, air tools, and other party rentals in Oakland. If you are interested in learning more about our equipment rentals, please do not hesitate to visit our website or stop in and see us. You can also call us at (650) 369-2992 to find out more about what we can do for you today.

  • How to Use a Power Drill

    Power drills can be used in all sorts of situations, from large-scale construction tasks to simple chores around the house. If you would like to learn more about these party rentals before using them, watch this video clip for tips on how to use a power drill.

    Depending on the task you have to complete, you might want to use a hammer drill, an impact driver, or a standard drill. In the case of the standard drill, the situation determines how much voltage you will need. Residential tasks typically require less power than commercial projects. Become familiar with the forward and reverse settings, and adjust the torque according to how deep you want to put the screw.

    A-1 Equipment Rental Center specializes in party rentals, augers, and drills in San Jose. Please do not hesitate to visit our website or call us at (650) 369-2992 if you would like to learn more about our services.