• What You Need to Know About Digging Post Holes

    Whether you’re building a privacy fence, installing a swing set, or installing a footing for a raised patio, effectively digging post holes is an essential step to ensuring the safety and structural integrity of your project. To make sure you’re able to dig holes efficiently and effectively, follow the tips below before you head to your Redwood City equipment rental service .

    Get the Right Tools for the Job auger rental redwood city

    When digging a post hole and installing a post, you’ll need the right tools to excavate the site, trim your posts to measure, and level the post. FamilyHandyman.com recommends picking up the following from your tool rental service: a posthole digger, a shovel, a reciprocating saw, a tile spade, a 2lb hammer, a digging bar, and a tape measure. You’ll also need stakes, some string and some working gloves.

    Mark Before You Dig

    Getting a level, sturdy post installation starts with careful digging. Always start by staking out the location of your posts prior to digging. This helps you ensure the proper placement and eliminate unnecessary digging. Be mindful of underground wires and plumbing!

    Three Steps to Digging

    Once your stakes are placed, it’s time to dig. Start by carving out the perimeter of the hole you’ll dig around the stakes. Use your shovel to do this easily without damaging your lawn. Next, use your tile spade to loosen the dirt within the carved area. Finally, remove the dirt using your posthole digger.

    Preparing The Post Hole

    As you dig, check the depth of your post hole using your tape measure. Consistent depth is important to ensuring that the tops of your posts are level. Cut through any tree roots using your rental saw or the edge of your shovel. Use your digging bar to remove any rocks and tamp the bottom of the hole to a flat even surface.

    You’re now all set to install your post! Get your post installation project started with rental equipment from A-1 Equipment Rental Center. Call 650-369-2992 for garden tool rentals in the Redwood City area.