• Update your Space with a New Coat of Paint

    Does your home décor seem a little boring or out of date? One of the cheapest, easiest fixes is fresh paint. Just about anyone can paint a room, and having the right tools makes it a breeze.

    Paint can be used in many different ways to make a big difference. You might paint an accent wall to draw focus with a bright pop of color, an interesting paint finish, or a pattern, like stripes. You might change the entire look of your kitchen at minimal expense simply by repainting your cabinets. Kitchens and bathrooms are great places to experiment with different colors, or you could update a bedroom by changing its hue. You can even paint your ceilings, which

    How to paint a room:

    • Choose the right paint. Take your time browsing paint colors and looking online at different home improvement websites. Once you’ve gotten the colors narrowed down, get some samples from the hardware store so that you can paint a few spots in the actual room and see what it will look like when it’s in the lighting and environment for which you’re purchasing it.
    • Prep the room. Move everything out, or push it all to the center of the room and cover it with drop cloths. Then get some painter’s tape and apply it to the room’s corners, base and crown moldings, and door and window casings, making sure to get a good seal. Remove outlet and light switch covers, applying painters tape to protect outlets and switches.
    • Use a paint sprayer to apply your paint. You can apply paint with rollers and brushes, but why would you? You can get a much smoother, more professional look with a paint sprayer. Have a brush and roller on hand, though, for the edges of the room and hard to reach places.
    • Use scaffolding to reach high places. Using a ladder can be precarious, so it’s better to paint like the pros do, with scaffolding to help you paint areas that are out of reach.
    • Keep the room well-ventilated. Opening windows and using fans will keep you from breathing in paint fumes, and it will also help to speed the drying process.
    • Clean up. Remove painters tape and collect drop cloths, taking care to only remove them when the paint spills and spatters are dry. Clean brushes with soap and water if you’ve been using latex or water-based paint, or with mineral spirits if you’ve used an oil-based paint. Clean roller covers using the curved edge of a 5-in-1 tool to remove the paint under running water.

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  • Choosing an Indoor Paint Color

    painting equipment rental redwood city Painting is a quick and affordable way to bring color and energy to any room in your home. But before you head to your local tool rental service in Redwood City, make sure you follow these tips on choosing the right colors for your home.

    In a room where stimulation and socializing are welcome, bright and vibrant colors are ideal. In rooms where you’d like to feel calm and rested, lighter pastel colors are a better choice. Before committing to a color in a room, it may be a good idea to paint some swatches on the wall. This will give you an idea of how the color will appear under different kinds of natural and artificial light. Paint on your walls often looks different than paint swatches in your local hardware store. In addition to trying different colors, explore textures by alternating between matt, satin, and semi-gloss paints on walls and trim. Using multiple finishes can help to create contrast without requiring bold color variances.

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  • Tips for Prepping Aluminum Siding for Painting

    Before you can get to painting, you’ll have to prep your aluminum siding. Fortunately certain equipment rentals can help. Watch this video for tips for prepping aluminum siding for painting.

    If you have an abundance of time on your hands, you can prep your aluminum siding using a gallon of water, liquid TSP, and a cup of household bleach. If you don’t have the time to do it by hand, use a pressure washer. This tool will pressurize the water from your garden hose and efficiently remove mildew and dirt from your siding.

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  • A Look at Some Popular Painting Supplies

    paint supply rental redwood city No matter what type of painting project you must undertake, you will need to come armed with the right supplies. Paint sprayers, brushes, and rollers are all popular party rentals when it comes to painting supplies . Continue reading for a closer look at some popular painting supplies.


    If you need to get a painting job done quickly before an upcoming party, paint sprayers may be your tools of choice. You can find both high and low-pressure paint sprayers to enjoy a quick project that yields professional results. When it comes to indoor jobs like painting doors or walls, it is wise to choose a low-pressure paint sprayer. High-pressure paint sprayers tend to be reserved for outdoor tasks like painting a fence or fixing up the siding on your house. Sprayers are also advantageous in that they offer a range of customizable options like spray tips and hoses. These options help you create the perfect setup for your task.


    The original companions to paint, brushes are versatile, affordable, and proven to be effective. You might choose a paintbrush if your project requires detailed strokes that you cannot perform with sprayers, rollers, or other painting tools and supplies. It is worth noting, however, that not all paintbrushes are created equally. The cheapest paintbrush may not be the most effective, but a quality brush may surpass your expectations. Talk to your local party rental company if you need help choosing the right paintbrush.


    Like sprayers and brushes, paint rollers are useful in a number of scenarios. They tend to be most popularly used, however, for interior projects like painting bedroom walls. The right sized roller can help you cover every wall with a neat and even coat of paint in a reasonable amount of time.

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  • What You Need to Know About Paint Sprayers

    A quality paint sprayer can allow you to complete your painting job quickly and efficiently, which makes paint sprayers excellent equipment rentals . For an optimal experience, it helps to understand the various aspects of paint sprayers before beginning. Keep reading to learn what you need to know about paint sprayers.

    All About Sprayer Tips paint sprayer rental okaland

    One important element to consider when using a paint sprayer is the tip you have chosen. Your paint sprayer tip can affect the thickness of the coat, which will allow you to apply a thin stain or a thick coat of paint onto your project. Your spray tips may vary in size as well as width of their spray patterns. If you are painting a large surface like a wall or a ceiling, you will probably want to use a wider spray pattern. Some paint sprayer tips are reversible and allow you to easily unclog them.

    Assembling the Pieces

    The sprayer tip is just one of many components that goes into a paint sprayer. This tool also consists of a pump, a gun, and a hose. It helps to consider how much power you will need for your project and build your paint sprayer based on that information. A paint sprayer with greater horsepower can achieve thicker coats of paint and allow you to finish your project in a shorter amount of time than a less powerful model. Think about the scale of your project when choosing a sprayer.

    Spraying Safely

    Like most other powerful tools, paint sprayers can be dangerous when used improperly. Always wear the proper safety equipment when using a paint sprayer including eye protection and a facemask. Read the instruction manual that came with your paint sprayer before using it, and remember to only point the sprayer at your project.

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  • Tips for Choosing the Right Painting Equipment

    If you are looking to spruce up your home before an event that you are hosting, painting equipment may be among the many party rentals you need. The tools you should choose depend on the surface that needs painting and the technique you plan to use. Continue on for a few tips for choosing the right painting equipment.

    You might sacrifice accuracy when using an oversized brush and time when using an undersized brush; either way, the size of your brush is important. If you are using a paintbrush to paint the wooden patio in your backyard, you might want to consider a larger brush of around 4 inches. This may also be a great choice if you are painting a large textured surface. A similar sized brush may do the trick for interior wall painting as well. For corners, molding, and woodworking consider using something between 1 and 2 inches.

    Rollers painting equipment rental redwood city
    Depending on your project, paint rollers may be more advantageous than paintbrushes. They will not be your first choice for fine detail, but paint rollers can help you tackle a large surface in a shorter amount of time. Higher quality paint rollers may be expensive, but they are less likely to leave fibers behind . Consider renting your painting equipment in order to cut costs while using quality tools. It is wise to acquire rollers of various sizes, so look for a 3-inch roller in addition to your 7- to 9-inch rollers.

    Paint sprayers are simple and convenient, especially when it comes to larger projects and surfaces. However, it is important to keep in mind that paint sprayers can be dangerous if they are used improperly. If you are uncomfortable with powerful tools, consider using paintbrushes or paint rollers for your next painting project.

    Do you still need help choosing the right painting equipment? If you do, call A-1 Equipment Rental Center at (650) 369-2992. We are dedicated to providing high quality party rentals in San Mateo including moving equipment, dollies, and generators. Feel free to visit our website or meet with us for more information today.

  • A Look at Some Popular Air Tools

    If you are seeking a terrific way to add convenience and ease to an upcoming project, you may want to consider renting air tools from an equipment rental center near you . A company offering air compressors in Redwood City can provide you with all of the air tools that you need to make sure your project is a total success. From blowers to air nail guns and more, there are a variety of air tools that await you at the rental center. Here is an overview of some of the most popular air tools that are available.

    Air Compressor air tool rental in redwood city
    At the heart of every air tool attachment is a powerful air compressor. On their own, air compressors can perform a variety of very helpful tasks around the workshop. When you are renting an air compressor, be sure to consider factors such as pressure output, portability, and overall maintenance.

    Paint Sprayer
    A paint sprayer is a highly useful air tool if you are planning on performing a large painting project. Using a paint sprayer, you can paint large sections with total ease. Along with painting wide areas, paint sprayers can also be used to perform more delicate and precise painting tasks.

    Air Nail Gun
    Using a conventional hammer can be extremely fatiguing over long stretches of time. Rather than wearing yourself out by hammering, you may want to consider an air nail gun rental. Using the pressurized air from a compressor, an air nail gun is able to shoot nails into a variety of surfaces. This popular air tool will add great convenience to your next building project.

    If you have questions about the types of air tools that are available for you to rent in Redwood City, do not hesitate to contact A-1 Equipment Rental Center . The friendly members of our team will be thrilled to provide you with more information about all of the quality tool rentals that we have available. Call (415) 508-5498 to learn more about our selection of rental tools or our inventory of event rentals.

  • The Most Common Types of Ladders

    painting equipment rental redwood city When you are preparing for a project that requires a ladder or scaffold near Redwood City, it is important to research the types of ladder rentals that will be available to you. Each ladder is suited to a specific type of project or application. For example, a step ladder is a highly portable option that can be used to reach areas that require a ladder which is self-supporting. In contrast, an extension ladder must be placed against an object or surface that is able to bear the weight of the operator. If you will be working several feet off of the ground, a platform ladder will provide you with the best stability.

    To learn more about the ladder and scaffold options that are available for you to rent, contact A-1 Equipment Rental Center by calling (415) 508-5498 or visit our website . From table and chair rentals to garden equipment and more, we offer a variety of rentals to meet the needs of your upcoming project or event.