• Essential Spring Lawn Maintenance Tips

    A beautiful lawn needs regular maintenance, and the spring presents the perfect time. Watch this video for a few essential spring lawn maintenance tips and to learn what equipment rentals you might need.

    Weeds can take away from your home’s curb appeal, so the first spring lawn maintenance step you should take is to remove any weeds you find. You can also aerate the areas that see the most traffic to keep the whole lawn looking even. Aerating any area of dead grass can help new growth and contribute to a gorgeous lawn of which you can be proud. While feeding your lawn is important, it’s important not to overfeed with fertilizer.

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  • Getting Your Lawn Ready for the Spring Season

    Spring is just around the corner, so it’s time to start getting your Redwood City area home ready for spring cleaning! Start by making sure that your lawn and garden are ready for the growing season so you can enjoy your lush, green grass all summer long. Here are some tips to help you get your lawn ready for the spring, and the lawn and garden equipment you should pick up from your local tool rental service.

    Loosen Your Top Soil lawn mower rental redwood city

    The top-most layer of soil on your lawn has likely been compacted and hardened during the winter. Your first task should be to freshen your topsoil by agitating it using a metal rake. Raking removes dead matter and debris, and scrapes away the top few inches of your lawn to allow air and water through. For especially hard soil, rent an aerator to further agitate the soil.

    Re-Seed and Fertilize

    Once you’ve cleaned up and aerated your lawn, start reestablishing your lawn by re-seeding. Rent a hand-held or broadcast seeder to evenly spread new seeds throughout your yard focusing on bare spots. You can also use your broadcast seeder to spread fertilizer after seeding. Using this equipment will help to ensure even seed and fertilizer coverage for thick grass growth.

    Apply Mulch

    Once you’ve seeded and fertilized your lawn, add a thick layer of mulch to protect your seeds. Mulch will help to contain moisture to encourage quick germination, but will also keep birds and other pests away from your seeds. Organic mulches also help to encourage the growth of microorganisms that help to enrich your soil, and will break down over time to add additional nutrients.

    Mow Regularly

    With consistent watering in those first couple weeks after reseeding, you should see significant grass growth! Make sure you have a high-quality lawn mower with a sharp blade ready to keep your grass looking neat and healthy throughout the spring and summer.

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  • A Look at Compaction Equipment

    compaction equipment rental redwood city When you are updating the landscaping on your property or are preparing an area for a new building project, you may find yourself in need of compaction equipment. Compaction equipment is used to compact and stabilize soil so that it is ready for the building process. When you visit a rental shop offering generator rental near San Mateo, you may want to check out their inventory of compaction tools. For example, rammers can be used to compress soil in smaller areas. To compact very loose soil, you may be in need of a vibrating place compactor. In very tight spaces, vibro tampers may also be used.

    To learn more about the different types of compaction equipment , contact A-1 Equipment Rental Center by calling (650) 369-2992. With our great selection of dallies, tractors, and trenching equipment, you will be ready for your next project. Our team looks forward to assisting you with your upcoming tool rental.

  • When to Use a Lawn Roller

    lawn equipment rental redwood city Do you aim to have the best-manicured lawn on the block? Then you will probably use a lawn roller at some point. This type of equipment rental should only be used in certain situations, however, or it may be counterproductive. Read on to find out when to use a lawn roller.

    A lawn roller will help you pack your soil so that your new lawn will be as fresh and healthy as it can. You can help your seeds germinate more quickly by using your roller after you have spread the seeds across your lawn. Be sure to use your lawn roller while the soil is dry, but water the lawn right afterwards. If you are using sod then you can roll the dry soil, lay down the sod, and then water the grass so that the roots will establish well.

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  • Using a Log Splitter to Make Firewood

    equipment rental redwood city Although most modern homes are equipped with up to date heating systems, sitting around the fireplace still has its charm. With the right equipment rentals, you can even make your own firewood with ease. Here is an overview of using a log splitter to make firewood.

    Using a log splitter is straightforward, but it is important that you take your time and operate your equipment safely. Once you have ensured that your splitter has enough fuel and oil, you can then power on your equipment. Take your log and place it on top of the wedge, and then activate the machine so that it splits your log. The activation mechanism varies from model to model, and it may be a button or a lever. Talk to your equipment rental professional to learn more about your specific log splitter before taking it home to make firewood.

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  • A Step-by-Step Guide to Using a Hedge Trimmer

    Trimming your hedges is one way to boost your curb appeal and keep up with your home aesthetic. However, it is important that you understand how to use this equipment rental safely and effectively. Read on for a step-by-step guide to using a hedge trimmer.

    Planning Out Your Design hedge trimmer rental redwood city

    Unless you are unfathomably experienced in using a hedge trimmer, it is not a good idea to freehand your work. Instead, map out your plan in advance. Picture what you want the end result of your hedge trimming to look like, and decide how you will make it happen. Proper hedge design can increase the curb appeal of your home as well as help your hedges stay healthy. It is typically a good idea to go for an A shape , which helps sunlight get to the roots of the hedges.

    Guiding the Trimmer

    If you have never used a hedge trimmer before, start off on the lowest setting. Get a handle on the vibration you will feel and the way you can move it through your hedges. You can trim the sides of your hedges using vertical motions, and you can create shapes on top using horizontal or rounded motions. It is crucial that you keep both of your hands on the hedge trimmer at all times in order to maintain control of the machine. This will improve the look of your hedges as well as maintain your personal safety.

    Using Your Equipment Safely

    As is the case with any project, it is important to be cautious when working with powerful equipment. Wait until the rain stops if you have an electric hedge trimmer, and only trim areas that you can reach; standing on a stepladder is not advisable when trimming your hedges, especially if you are inexperienced.

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  • Touring Your Lawn & Garden Equipment Options

    lawn mower rental redwood city Between tractors, chippers, and lawnmowers, a stockpile of lawn and garden equipment can help you keep your yard perfectly manicured. It is important to use the right equipment for the right jobs, however, which is why it helps to understand your options. Read on for a tour of your lawn and garden equipment options.

    Mowing your lawn on a regular basis is one of the most basic forms of landscape maintenance. A rotary gas lawnmower with a 21-inch mowing deck can make this a simple task. If you have tree stumps on your property that you need to take care of, consider using a self-propelled stump grinder. Once you have removed your stumps you can use a seed spreader to seed the areas and even out your lawn. Rakes, weed eaters, and hedge trimmers will also allow you to keep your lawn in top shape throughout the year.

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  • Operating Your Lawn Mower Rental

    With the spring season in full swing, now is a great time to consider a lawn mower rental for your yard. A company renting mowers and tractors serving Redwood City can provide you with the equipment that you need to keep your lawn looking healthy and green. When you are operating your lawn mower rental, you will need to take a few tips under consideration. For example, it is important to avoid cutting your lawn too short and to mow on a frequent basis. To learn more about operating a lawn mower, check out this video.

    For more information about garden equipment rentals and more in Redwood City, contact A-1 Equipment Rental Center at (415) 508-5498. You are sure to be thrilled with the quality and convenience of our tool rentals. If you’re planning a special event, ask about our party rentals and wedding rentals.

  • Caring for Your Lawn This Spring

    Spring lawn care will help your grass stay green and healthy well into the Bay Area’s mild summers. With a healthy lawn and some easy party rentals in Redwood City, you can transform your yard into a magical venue for any type of garden party, from a baby shower to a wedding.

    To care for your lawn, you will need the right tools. Lawn mower rentals are available, so you don’t need to keep this unwieldy appliance around. You can also rent de-thatchers and other garden equipment. To learn spring lawn care basics, watch this video.

    Call (650) 557-2783 today to inquire about lawn mower rentals, as well as party rentals. At A-1 Equipment Rental Center, we have everything you need to care for your lawn and to make it into the perfect party space.

  • Essential Lawn Care Tips for the Spring Months

    Before you arrange for table and chair rentals for your event in San Jose, you need to make sure that your lawn is in tip top shape. If you don’t own all the lawn care equipment you need for landscaping, don’t worry—you can rent it. And unless you have acres and acres of property, you won’t need a tractor to keep the grass under control. Get your lawn garden party ready with the tips below.

    Rake Early and Often Lawn care equipment rental in san jose
    Once spring arrives, you need to rake away the dead leaves and debris from your lawn. Ideally, you should have raked throughout the fall too as part of your lawn care regimen . Any decaying leaves, twigs, and other debris can prevent your grass from growing in properly. If there is thick thatch, you may need a special rake or a powered de-thatcher to properly clean the lawn.

    Re-Seed the Brown Parts
    Each year, depending on what the weather has been like, how much you raked in the fall, and other factors, you may need to re-seed certain parts of your lawn. Patches that look especially brown or bare are where you will need to re-seed. Before you do so, get a soil test kit to make sure you have the correct nutrients under the lawn. If you will be re-seeding large areas, you may need to use a mechanical spreader, but small patches can be done by hand.

    Fertilize Sparingly
    Over-fertilizing can harm your lawn just as much as under-fertilizing. Use a nitrogen-based slow-release fertilizer, and don’t spread more than one pound on every 1,000 square foot of lawn. You almost certainly don’t need more than one bag of lawn fertilizer unless you have a truly gigantic yard.

    At A-1 Equipment Rental Center, we have everything you need to landscape your yard , and also all the party rentals you need to create the perfect event. For more information on table and chair rentals, lawn mower rental, and all the other equipment we have available, call us today at (650) 557-2783 .