• A Closer Look at the Different Types of Jacks

    Need to do some heavy lifting? You may need to check your tool rental service for a specialized hydraulic jack. Jacks come in a wide variety of styles and sizes designed for different applicants. Choosing the right jack at your Redwood City equipment rental service will help to ensure a safe and efficient project.

    Floor Jacks

    One of the most common jacks found in garages and job sites is the floor jack. This kind of jack is ideal for automotive projects because of its small size and maneuverability. Floor jacks come in variety of sizes and lift capacities, so it’s important to know exactly what your vehicle’s demands are before picking one up at your tool or equipment rental service.

    Transmission Jack bobcat equipment rental redwood city

    Another valuable automotive jack you can find at your equipment rental service is the transmission jack. If you’re installing or removing a transmission, transmission jacks can help to make raising and lowering the transmission quick and easy.

    Screw Jacks

    Screw jacks are used in a wide variety of settings in construction and home improvement work. Because they offer greater capacity limits than floor jacks, screw jacks can be used in foundation repairs to lift homes for fortification and pile installation. They can also be used in adjusting the height and level of your rental scaffolding for added safety.

    Sheetrock Jacks

    All done with that new framing project? After your electrical and insulation work is done, use a sheetrock jack to make installing drywall on your ceilings easier and faster. Sheetrock jacks easily lift your sheets of drywall to ceiling level for a clean, finished look. They’re also much safer to use than physically lifting sheets of drywall up a ladder.

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