• Get Your Money’s Worth with Home Renovations [INFOGRAPHIC]

    As you look around your home, do you notice that certain areas could use some improvements? Home renovation projects can make your home look and function better, and can also make your house more attractive to potential buyers should you ever choose to sell. Some renovation projects are best left to the professionals, while others may be handled by experienced do-it-yourselfers. The right tools, including cutters, saws, and drills in Redwood City , can make all the difference in your renovation project. Consider replacing your front door, which carries an average return on investment of 98 percent. Adding a wood deck to your yard increases your living space, and gives you a return on investment of over 80 percent. Check out this infographic to learn more about getting the most out of your renovation projects. Please share with your friends and neighbors!

    Best Home Renovations Investments for ROI Infographic

  • Contractor’s Guide to Rental Equipment [INFOGRAPHIC]

    As a contractor, your equipment is your lifeblood, but who says that means that buying your own is your best strategy? Contractors, landscapers, plumbers, pavers, and others in the construction field are turning in increasing numbers to equipment rentals. The list of advantages of renting equipment instead of buying it is long, but most come back to price and convenience. Renting equipment makes sense for your bottom line because the initial outlay is less, and you don’t have to carry the burden of repairs and maintenance. In this infographic, A-1 Equipment Rental Center highlights the advantages of rentals and offers suggestions for some items contractors can put to use. Contact our San Mateo rental company for more details, and please share this information with your colleagues.

    Contractor Rental Equipment Infographic in Redwood City

  • 5 DIY Home Improvement Projects to Do Now! [INFOGRAPHIC]


    Is your home looking a little ho-hum? There’s no need to call in expensive repair teams and decorators to give it a facelift. Rent the equipment and get the job done your way! You can rent just about everything you need to make your home improvement dreams a reality, and for far less than hiring someone to take care of the job for you. For inspiration, check out this infographic from A-1 Equipment Rental Center in San Mateo. We offer equipment rentals for jobs of all sizes and can deliver the gear you need right to your home. After seeing the results of your work, your friends and family are sure to get the DIY itch themselves, so share this information about home improvement equipment rentals with them.

  • DIY Delight: How Homeowners Are Taking Charge of Their Own Improvement Projects – [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Thanks to a surge in popularity of home improvement shows and websites, more and more homeowners are reaching for tools and grabbing the reins of their own home improvement projects. DIY home improvement jobs put coveted kitchens, beautiful yards, and gorgeous bathrooms well within everyone’s reach, and with equipment rentals, you don’t need a well-stocked tool kit to get the job done. Find out what home improvement projects your neighbors are probably undertaking in this infographic from a San Mateo tool rental company. You’ll also get a look at the equipment you’ll need to pull off your next DIY job. Share it with your fellow home improvement aficionados.