• How Renting a Generator will Help you Through a Winter Storm

    Winter is here, bringing with it some pretty tumultuous weather. You never know when a winter storm will knock out your power, but when it does, the whole situation can be both inconvenient and costly. When you know a storm is coming, you’ll be doing yourself a favor if you buy or rent a generator.

    Why is a generator a good idea? In a snowstorm or major thunderstorm, the power is often not restored quickly. Repairs to fallen power lines can take a long time, and in the meantime, you’ll be stuck without electricity. If you have a portable generator on hand, it can get you through with minimal inconvenience.

    • Keep your family online. Winter storms can shut down schools, businesses, and roads, sometimes keeping families stuck in the house for days on end. It’s going to be a much more pleasant environment if everyone can go about their lives as usual, connected by useable internet and phones that are charged. What’s more, you’ll still be able to pay bills and maybe even work if you’ve got a generator providing you with backup power.
    • Keep food from spoiling. When your refrigerator and freezer go down for more than a few hours, it can result in costly food spoilage. Then, too, you may end up having to order in or eat out, which can get costly pretty quickly if you have a family. With a generator, you can keep your kitchen open for business, protecting the quality of your food and allowing access to appliances.
    • Keep your heat on. This is a crucial reason to have a backup generator. Without heat, a home can quickly become uncomfortable or even dangerous in the middle of winter. Even if your home uses a gas heater, it typically takes electricity to turn it on and off, so a generator can help keep you warm.
    • Keep your sump pump working so your home doesn’t flood. A storm can knock out power just when your sump pump needs it most, but a generator can keep your basement nice and dry.

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  • Top Reasons to Rent a Generator

    A generator can be an incredibly valuable tool in a variety of situations, but it can also be expensive and high maintenance. When you rent a generator, on the other hand, these problems are eliminated. Here is a look at some of the top reasons to rent a generator.

    Range of Options generator rentals redwood city

    There are many different kinds of generators, which is convenient because you can choose the optimal equipment for the task at hand. There are big generators, small generators, whole home generators, and even portable generators, and they all have their own benefits and drawbacks. Your equipment rental company will have a wide selection of generators of all sizes and qualities.

    Financially Responsible

    If you tend to take on a variety of different products, you might have a use for each different type of generator. This can be a costly venture if you purchase your generators; fortunately you also have the option of renting them. Renting one generator at a time will allow you to use the right tool for your job, and then return it and get a different one when you take on a new project. In doing so you can save a substantial amount of money, and you can still make use of top of the line products at the same time. If you are constantly fixing up your house or engaging in other DIY projects, renting your generators is a financially responsible way to go.

    Low Maintenance

    One drawback to owning your own generator is the responsibility of maintaining it. Fortunately your equipment rental company can do away with this disadvantage. When you are done with your generator, you can return it rather than maintain it. Then you can come back for a new one that is already up-to-date.

    For more on the benefits of renting a generator, contact A-1 Equipment Rental Center or visit our website. In addition to generators in San Jose, we also offer air tools, augers, and a plethora of other tools and equipment. You can learn much more about our services by calling us at (650) 369-2992 today.

  • Choosing the Right Generator for Your Home

    The right type of generator can bail you out if you find yourself in the midst of a power outage, but the wrong type can be dangerous in certain environments. This is why it is important that you understand your needs. Read on for tips on choosing the right generator for your home.

    Compare Your Options and Your Requirements generator rental redwood city

    The right generator for your home may be much different than the right generator for your neighbor’s home, so it is important to first think about your needs. Generators are available in a wide array of sizes and configurations. Your generator may use gasoline or propane , so consider what you plan to use for fuel. The way you plan to use your generator will also determine the size you need; one that powers the whole house will be larger than one that you just use for heat.

    Choose a Safe and Legal Setup

    Generators can be safe, efficient, and effective when you use them properly. Part of the process of using a generator properly, however, is setting it up in an appropriate location. If you think a whole-house generator will be your best bet, find out if you need a permit before installation; you may also need to install your whole-house generator in a specific location. If you decide to go with a portable generator, be sure to keep it away from any open windows or exterior doors.

    Work with a Professional Service

    Sometimes it can be difficult to determine which generator is right for your needs. Fortunately you can work with professional equipment rental companies that can help to point you in the right direction. If you choose to purchase a generator, have it installed by a professional to ensure that it works safely and effectively.

    If you are interested in renting a generator for your home, please do not hesitate to contact A-1 Equipment Rental Center or visit our website. In addition to generator rental near San Mateo, we also specialize in augers, blowers, and tractors. Feel free to call us at (650) 369-2992 for more information today.