• How to Refresh your Flooring

    Some home improvement projects may seem daunting at first, but there are many things you can do on your own if you have the right equipment. If you’re tired of your flooring, for instance, there are many ways to achieve a new look, and most of them can be DIY projects. All you need is some time, some instructions, and the right tools.

    Why resign yourself to the same tired carpets and flooring you’ve been looking at for years? By the same token, if you’re moving into a new house, there’s no need to live with flooring other people chose. Consider the possibilities! There’s a wealth of flooring out there, just waiting for you to discover it.

    • Lay an engineered wood floor. Do you love the look of hardwoods? They give a warm, cozy feeling to any room, and engineered wood makes it easy to achieve that hardwood look. It’s quicker and easier to install than traditional hardwood, and it’s also extremely durable.
    • Put down some cork. Cold floors are uncomfortable, and one reason people choose carpet is for warmth and cushion underfoot. Cork is another stylish option, resilient, attractive, and easy enough to install that you can finish a room in as little as an afternoon. Cork is available in floating-floor systems that work well over plywood, concrete, or even your existing flooring.
    • Think about different styles for painted floors. Don’t have the budget for a whole new floor? Paint is an inexpensive way to change the entire aesthetic of a room. You can paint over wood floors, concrete floors, and even vinyl, tile, and laminate.
    • Refinish your hardwoods. If you’ve got traditional hardwoods that are showing their age, you can refresh them by refinishing them.
    • Update a concrete floor. You can polish up a concrete floor, paint it in solid colors or patterns, or stain it to give it the look you want. It’s a cost-effective do-over and can result in a truly stunning look.
    • Give your carpets a good cleaning. If the only problem with your carpets is that they’ve seen too much traffic, it may be time to rent a carpet cleaner. Cleaning your carpets yourself is cheaper than hiring someone to do it for you, and it only takes a matter of hours to clean it and let it dry.
    • Rethink linoleum. Linoleum may seem like a throwback, but this durable, eco-friendly flooring is making a comeback. Available in a wide variety of colors and design options, it’s resilient and requires very little maintenance. It’s biodegradable, too, and doesn’t release VOCs. If you’re doing linoleum as a DIY project, snap-together tiles are the easiest way to go.

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