• How to Use a Dolly

    dolly rental san jose Moving can be quick and easy if you have the right rental equipment. For example, a dolly can help you move multiple boxes at once instead of lugging them one at a time. Similarly, an appliance dolly can make moving a refrigerator, washer, or other large appliance much safer and easier. If you’re not sure how to use a dolly effectively, never fear; a moving equipment rental company near San Jose can show you how it’s done.

    When using a moving dolly, you can either stack boxes directly onto the dolly platform or slide the platform beneath a column of already-stacked boxes. With your foot on the bottom bar of the dolly and your hand on the top box, gently tilt the dolly backwards and wheel it to your destination. An appliance dolly is slightly more complicated, but operates in the same basic manner. Just slide the platform beneath the appliance, wrap and tighten the strap around the appliance, and tilt it backwards. For safety’s sake, it’s always a good idea to enlist someone to help you while moving an appliance.

  • A Closer Look at the Benefits and Uses of Furniture Dollies

    Moving can be a pain, but there are steps you can take to eliminate the stress from the process. Moving equipment like furniture dollies can be of significant help when it comes to moving heavy or large furniture, especially if you’re taking on the task alone. Here is a closer look at the benefits and uses of furniture dollies as equipment rentals.

    Move Efficiently moving dolly rental redwood city

    The average person typically views moving heavy loads as a chore rather than a hobby, but the right type of equipment can keep it from becoming a nightmare. Furniture dollies allow you to move your sofa, chair, or coffee table more quickly and efficiently than doing so manually. This is especially helpful if you are doing the work by yourself and would rather it not take all day.

    Spare Your Back

    While dollies don’t completely eliminate the need to physically lift large items, they can help in a significant way. Rather than carrying a large or dense piece of furniture into or out of your home, you can simply hoist it onto a dolly and then remove it once you have moved it to its new location. Countless people suffer serious injuries while lifting heavy items like furniture, but a properly used dolly can help you avoid such a setback. In this way a dolly may be even more useful than an extra pair of hands.

    Choose the Best Dollies

    One of the nice aspects of dollies is that there are plenty of options to choose from. One dolly might not make sense for all of your different types of furniture, but you can always rent multiple for maximum versatility. Consider the material of the furniture you are moving and the texture of the dolly surface in order to maximize your friction and keep your furniture on the dolly.

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  • Loading a Refrigerator onto a Dolly

    generator rentals redwood city Dollies always come in handy when it comes to moving heavy equipment or appliances, and it is a perfect tool to have on hand when you need to relocate a refrigerator. You can avoid injury as well as damage to the appliance by understanding the proper methods of loading such heavy appliances. Read on for more on loading a refrigerator onto a dolly.

    When the task at hand involves moving something as heavy as a refrigerator, you are going to need a dolly. Start by removing all food items and removable shelves from inside the fridge. Use duct tape to secure all loose cords and keep the doors shut during the moving process. Slide the fridge towards your body and move the dolly towards the backside of the unit. Tilt the fridge and slide the dolly under it, pressing down on the dolly, and lower the fridge down.

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