How Renting a Generator will Help you Through a Winter Storm

Winter is here, bringing with it some pretty tumultuous weather. You never know when a winter storm will knock out your power, but when it does, the whole situation can be both inconvenient and costly. When you know a storm is coming, you’ll be doing yourself a favor if you buy or rent a generator.

Why is a generator a good idea? In a snowstorm or major thunderstorm, the power is often not restored quickly. Repairs to fallen power lines can take a long time, and in the meantime, you’ll be stuck without electricity. If you have a portable generator on hand, it can get you through with minimal inconvenience.

  • Keep your family online. Winter storms can shut down schools, businesses, and roads, sometimes keeping families stuck in the house for days on end. It’s going to be a much more pleasant environment if everyone can go about their lives as usual, connected by useable internet and phones that are charged. What’s more, you’ll still be able to pay bills and maybe even work if you’ve got a generator providing you with backup power.
  • Keep food from spoiling. When your refrigerator and freezer go down for more than a few hours, it can result in costly food spoilage. Then, too, you may end up having to order in or eat out, which can get costly pretty quickly if you have a family. With a generator, you can keep your kitchen open for business, protecting the quality of your food and allowing access to appliances.
  • Keep your heat on. This is a crucial reason to have a backup generator. Without heat, a home can quickly become uncomfortable or even dangerous in the middle of winter. Even if your home uses a gas heater, it typically takes electricity to turn it on and off, so a generator can help keep you warm.
  • Keep your sump pump working so your home doesn’t flood. A storm can knock out power just when your sump pump needs it most, but a generator can keep your basement nice and dry.

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