How to Use a Trencher

If you need to dig a trench, it’s a no-brainer to get a trencher. While you could dig a trench by hand, why would you do that? A trencher provides a smarter way to work, because it makes the task much easier and faster. You might be intimidated by the idea of using a trencher, but in fact, they are not complicated to use.

  • Know where you’re digging before you start. Call your local utility company so that you don’t run into any underground wires or pipes.
  • Prep the machine. First, turn the fuel switch on and give it some choke. Then, turn on the key switch, lower the throttle a little bit, and put the transmission in neutral. Make sure the hydraulic pump is off, and pay attention to the wheels. When you’re trenching, the wheels should be locked in place, and you should only disengage them when you want to move the unit. Once you get the unit running, give it some gas, activate the hydraulic pump, and move the transmission into forward gear.
  • Start digging. When you’ve got the machine into position, engage the wheels so that they will work together. Moving the throttle up, throw the lever to start the chain and auger spinning, and lower the bar into the earth, at which point the trencher will begin digging. Lower it to the appropriate depth, which may take a few minutes. The auger will push the dirt to the side, and you’ll need to keep the gas on full throttle, controlling the speed with the transmission control.
  • Move backward. When you’ve got the bar all the way down, put the machine in reverse and start moving backward. Never stand in front of the trencher when it’s running, because it will throw dirt and rocks forward.

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