When is it Better to Rent Construction Equipment?

Whether you’re a homeowner or a contractor, there are probably pieces of equipment you don’t own that you’ll need for various projects. You’ve got some options when it comes to procuring this equipment, because you can either rent it or buy it, but which is a smarter option? The expense of buying these items can be prohibitive, but on the other hand, renting adds up, too. When you’re trying to determine which is a better idea, there are several factors to take into consideration.

There are certainly many advantages to owning equipment. Owning gives you control over maintenance and upkeep, and the freedom to use it however you choose. Especially if you own a business, purchasing equipment affords you certain tax breaks that you don’t get if you just rent or lease it. So, when is it better to rent?

  • You’re not going to be using it regularly. If you’re going to be using a piece of equipment 65 percent of the time, it’s smart to go ahead and buy it. If it’s something you’ll only use occasionally, though, renting is a more prudent use of your resources.
  • You’re unable to invest in purchasing it right now. If your capital is not sufficient right now to buy exactly what you need, a rental can get the job done for far less money. On the other hand, it’s wise to project your estimated costs over several months or years, to determine which option is actually more cost-effective. If you decide you’d rather own, you can always look into financing or used equipment. However, renting allows you to use the newest equipment with the latest technology, which might be worth the cost of the rental.
  • You’re not sure which brand or equipment is right for you. One of the biggest advantages of renting equipment rather than buying it is that you get to try out different pieces to see which is the best fit. You may think you need equipment with certain bells and whistles, but renting it may give you a better idea of the features that are most important to you.
  • Storing or maintaining the equipment would be a burden. Along with the cost of purchasing a piece of equipment, you should factor in the cost of owning it. When you own something, you’re responsible for the costs of maintaining and operating it, along with insurance, licensing, and other fees. Rental fees, on the other hand, are generally inclusive, so there are no surprise costs to trip you up.

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