When Summer Storms become a Problem

In the heat of summer, rainfall can be a welcome change. It breaks up the sweltering heat, cooling us down and refreshing us. Summer rain can also help keep your lawn green and lush, and there’s nothing like a lazy, rainy summer day for the sheer nap potential. On the other hand, sometimes summer storms can be problematic. From high winds to pounding water to rising floodwaters, the problems that a storm can bring can put a damper on your summer. Fortunately, there are rental tools to resolve any issue you might face.

  • When you see that a storm is coming, you can prevent damage to your property by being proactive. Trim trees to keep branches from falling on your home and damaging it, and inspect your roof before and after storms. If you find any damage, make the necessary repairs in a timely manner to keep them from becoming larger and more expensive issues. Keep your gutters clean, and repair any cracks or leaks in your foundation and walls that might let water into your home. You might also consider a sump pump for your basement, to keep excess water from creating problems.
  • If a storm gets the better of you, and there’s damage to your house and landscaping you can rent tools that will help you repair the damage. You may need tools for roof and home repair, or garden equipment to keep hedges and trees under control. If you’ve lost power, a generator can keep you running while you wait for the utility company to repair damage to power lines done by the storm.
  • If the problem you’ve experienced is a flood in your home or basement, there are rental tools for that, too. You’ll need a shop vac for cleanup, a carpet dryer if your carpet has been soaked, and submersible pumps and discharge hoses to remove water from the basement.

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