Comparing Our Small and Large Carpet Rollers

If you are planning to install some new flooring, a carpet roller is the perfect equipment rental to help. Carpet rollers can be used for both carpet and linoleum. Using rollers helps you avoid the appearance of seams on the floor and allow the final result to look smooth and clean, without any bumps, lumps, or uneven edges.

Both our small and large carpet rollers have detachable wheel assembly kits, so you can transport it easily. They also both have upright support and segmented, chrome rollers that apply even pressure. The axels are inset to prevent wall scuffs. The small roller can support 75 pounds of carpet of linoleum, while the large one can support 100 pounds.

A-1 Rental Center has everything you need to complete both large and small flooring projects, including rollers, steamers, and strippers. Our huge collection of equipment rentals in Redwood City also includes drills, generators, and moving equipment to shift furniture during your flooring work. To reserve your tools, call (650) 369-2992.

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