• Reasons You Might Need to Use Bolt Cutters

    When you’re putting together your list of equipment rentals, you might wonder why you should add bolt cutters to the list. Bolt cutters can do many different jobs besides just cutting bolts, so they can come in a handy in a variety of projects.

    Watch this video to learn more about some different uses for bolt cutters. They are ideal for cutting wire and other heavy-duty materials used in projects, allowing you to get a smooth cut with precise measurements using a minimum of force.

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  • Proper Site Preparation for Your New Walkway

    If you are adding a new walkway to your landscaping, proper site preparation is essential for getting the best results. Be sure to add the right tools to your list of equipment rentals for the job, so you have everything you need for each phase of the project when you begin. Here is what you need to know about preparing the site for the installation of your new walkway.

    Find Out if You Need Building Permits

    In some areas, installing a pathway requires you to have a permit for the project. Call your town council or local building inspector to see what the requirements are in your area. If the town or county doesn’t require a permit, your homeowner’s association may also require you to apply for approval. Be sure to check all of these guidelines in advance, because failing to do so could lead to your project being shut down in the middle, not to mention fines.

    Excavate the Work Area

    Before you excavate, lay out the exact space, size, and shape that you want your pathway to have. Use stakes with strips of siding attached to them to mark the area. A spacer bar will help you to keep everything even. Excavate the area, including any tree roots and rocks that will make it uneven. If the pathway is going through an area of your outdoor space in which water tends to puddle, dig that portion of the pathway shallower than other areas.

    Compact the Dirt

    After you’ve excavated the space, make sure it’s smooth and ready for concrete by compacting the soil. Compaction ensures that the concrete you pour will be adequately supported, which in turn will reduce the risk of cracks and uneven pavement.

    You can find all of the equipment rentals you need to prepare the space and complete your walkway project at A-1 Rental Center. For rentals of concrete equipment, excavators, and compaction tools in Redwood City, call us today at (650) 369-2992.