• Making Sure Your Wedding Tent Is Comfortable for Your Guests

    A wedding tent is a must-have feature for an outdoor wedding. Not only does a tent give you a plan B if the weather doesn’t work in your favor, but it also gives your guests some place to go if they feel like escaping the elements for a while. However, whether you’re only spending part of your wedding inside the tent or you plan to host the entire affair inside of it, the comfort of your guests is paramount. Here are some of the things you can do to make sure your wedding tent is comfortable and inviting for your guests, including some things to add to your party rental list.


    Anyone who has ever walked across grass in heels knows how annoying—and dangerous—it can be to sink into the ground with every step. Renting flooring for your tent will take care of that problem, so your guests can walk and dance comfortably. If the weather turns, you will be glad you have flooring, so that the ground doesn’t turn to mud underneath your guests’ feet at your reception.

    Climate Control

    Even if your wedding is planned for a time of year in which temperatures are usually moderate, you can’t predict what the weather will be like on the day of your ceremony. Likewise, even if it is comfortable outside, being outdoors for extended periods of time can still leave people feeling chilly or hot. You can prevent this by getting heating or cooling for inside your tent. There are a number of different portable options you can use easily and safely under your wedding tent.


    If your wedding will extend into the evening, you will want lighting inside your tent to keep the party going. Strings of lights along the top and sides of the tent look pretty but they may not be enough. Consider adding a variety of lighting sources to capture the mood.

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  • Advice for Pruning Your Bushes

    Pruning is one of the tasks that is required if you want to keep your landscaping looking its best. By renting garden equipment, you can get everything you need to complete the pruning process without having to invest in tools you only use a few times.

    This video offers advice for effective pruning. Start by making sure you know why you’re pruning, as your approach will be different depending on the end goal. Avoid pruning in the spring, when most bushes are in a new growth phase.

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