Signs that Your Lawn Needs to Be Dethatched

A moderate amount of thatch provides protective benefits for your lawn, but when it grows into a thick layer, it can be damaging. When this occurs, it is necessary to dethatch your lawn. If you don’t dethatch when there is an overgrowth of thatch, then your soil will be starved of nutrients and water will be retained close to the blades of your grass, causing disease. Fortunately, landscaping equipment rentals from A-1 Rental Center mean that you can easily get everything you need for the job. Here are some of the signs that indicate that your lawn needs to be dethatched.

Do a Visual Inspection

Walk around your lawn and determine if you can see soil between the turf crowns. If you can’t see soil, you are probably seeing thatch. You can determine if the thatch is too thick by trying to stick your finger through it. If you can’t easily penetrate the layer of thatch to reach the soil, then it is unlikely that water, sunlight, and nutrients are getting through either. In this instance, dethatching is necessary to remove the barrier that is blocking your soil.

Try a Touch Test

Walking barefoot across a lawn with springy, bouncy grass may feel good, but it can actually be an indication that you have an unhealthy level of thatch. Take a stroll across your lawn or press it with your hands in a few spots. If it feels spongy or like the grass has a lot of spring, consider dethatching to thin things out.

Grab Your Ruler

The most accurate way to determine if you have an excessive amount of thatch is simply to measure it. Remove a wedge of grass and about three inches of soil using a trowel, or simply pull up a section. Use your ruler to measure the thatch. If there is more than three-quarters of an inch, then you need to dethatch.

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