Tips for Using a Floor Polisher

A floor polisher is the perfect way to clean, polish, buff, or strip flooring. Floor polishers provide better results than cleaning with a scrub brush, and they make the job much faster and easier as well. Not many people keep a floor polisher around the house, but fortunately, they are available as equipment rentals for as little as a day or as much as four weeks. If you decide to rent a floor polisher, this advice will help you get the job done.

Choose the Right Pads

Floor polishers can be used with buffing, or cutting, pads and polishing pads. It is important to choose the right one for the job. Buffing pads have rougher surfaces, so they are abrasive. They are used for stripping and buffing. To polish the floor, you will need a polishing pad. Polishing pads are made of foam rubber and are smooth, so they aren’t abrasive. This creates a shine on the floor.

Use Buffing Polish

To buff a floor, you will need to use buffing polish. Spread it all over the floor before you begin. After the buffing polish has been applied, start at the back of the room and work your way back and forth across the floor surface until you reach the front of the room. Always move the polisher from left to right. Because the pad spins in a clockwise motion, moving from right to left will cause a buffer burn on the surface of the floor.

Pick the Right Cleanser

When you’re polishing the floor, you will need to use a cleanser. The type you use depends on the kind of floor you have and what kind of strains are on the surface. Once you have the right kind of cleaners, work from the back of the room to the front in a straight line, going up and down the room.

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