Top Reasons for Renting an Air Compressor

Air compressors are versatile pieces of equipment because they can attach to a wide range of different tools to make tasks like nailing in new baseboards or spray painting your home’s exterior a breeze. Air compressor tools are simple to use, so it doesn’t take much expertise to successfully operate a compressor when you rent one from an equipment rental service in the Bay Area. Let’s take a look at some of the most common projects that might prompt you to rent an air compressor and compatible tools.

Carpentry Projects

Pneumatic nailers and staplers are among the more common attachments to use with an air compressor because they are easier to use (and more cost effective) than their battery-operated counterparts. If you are installing siding, framing, or molding around the house, renting an air compressor can make the job go by much faster. Pneumatic tools and compressors are also useful for everyday carpentry projects.


Instead of spending hours trying to achieve an even, drip-free coat with a paint brush, you might opt for spray painting with the help of an air compressor. You can apply paint to larger surfaces easily and evenly, so you won’t have to fuss with multiple coats and seemingly endless brush strokes.

Auto Repairs

If you’ve ever popped open the hood of your car to try and perform even the simplest auto repairs, you might find that the most challenging step is loosening nuts and bolts—especially in the tight spaces between parts under the hood. An air ratchet attached to a compressor will help get any bolt unfastened so that you can easily access the parts you need to. You can also use the compressor to get rid of surface dust and dirt that might be caked on to parts of your vehicle.

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