Tips for First-Time Drill Users

Power drills offer tons of convenience for any project where screws are needed, but they do require some safety precautions as well as a little practice to use correctly. If you’ve never used a power drill before, the prospect may be somewhat intimidating. By following the simple tips below, you can relieve your anxiety and stay safe as you get to know this handy power tool.

Protect your hands and eyes.

Safety should always be a priority in the presence of power tools, and your hands and eyes will require the most protection. Your hands will be holding the drill, which can get quite hot and create lots of vibration, so use thick but well-fitted work gloves for protection. Wear goggles to protect your eyes in the event of any projectile wood or metal shavings, which can fly off of your work surface when the drill is moving at higher speeds.

Change bits as needed for the project.

If you rent a drill , it will come with a variety of drill bits, and you should change them as needed for a given project. If you need a larger hole drilled, you may have to work your way up with larger and larger bits. Using the wrong drill bit for a task can require you to apply more force than usual, and that can make your hand much less steady as you drill.

Never change the bit with the power on.

When you’re using a corded drill, always unplug it before changing the drill bit. With cordless drills, take out the battery pack or hit the off switch. This will reduce your chances of accidental injuries as you swap out the drill bit.

Practice drilling on scrap wood or metal.

You might need a little practice to get used to the adjustable speed of your power drill and to learn to drill with a steady, precise hand. Use a piece of scrap wood or metal—whichever is more appropriate for your project—and get a feel for the tool with a few practice holes.

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