A Look at the Features of Our Mobile Utility Scaffolding

Mobile utility scaffolds are ideal for a range of projects that require height but can’t be performed using a ladder. At A-1 Rental Center, we offer both scaffold bases and upper sections among our equipment rentals, allowing you to get just the right pieces for your project. Our mobile utility scaffolding is easily customizable and simple to use, making it popular with DIYers and professionals alike. Here is a closer look at some of the features of our scaffolding units.

Adjustable Performance Heights

Our scaffolds can be adjusted in 3” increments, with a base height of 1’8” up to 5’8”. It is easy to adjust the height without tools, to get the right working platform for your job. For jobs that require additional height, it is easy to add additional upper section platforms until you achieve the right positioning. With additional sections, the scaffold can reach heights of 24’. Outriggers are also available, as are guardrails for additional safety.

Adaptable Placements

The scaffolding is easily adaptable to a wide range of working conditions. It can be adapted to fit on stairs, uneven surfaces, and ramps with ease. It can also easily be placed over furniture and other floor obstacles, so you can save time on prepping the space. All scaffold adaptations can be completed without tools.

Easy Portability

Space is frequently at a premium on job sites, and doorways and other obstacles can make it difficult to maneuver equipment. Our scaffolding is the size of a standard ladder when it is disassembled, so it is easy to store and will fit through any doorway. Opening the scaffold for use and folding it down again is quick and can be completed without tools.

To rent a scaffold in Redwood City, contact A-1 Rental Center. We also offer a huge selection of other equipment rentals, so you get everything you need for your job in one place. Reserve your scaffold today by calling (650) 369-2992.

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