• Removing Wallpaper with a Steamer

    Wallpaper can be notoriously hard to remove if you don’t have the right equipment. If your project involves wallpaper removal, add a steamer to your list of equipment rentals to get the job done.

    Watch this video to see how to remove wallpaper with a steamer. The steamer helps to dissolve the adhesive, so that the wallpaper peels off easily. Take care when peeling so as not to damage the wall underneath.

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  • Answering Questions About Compactor Use

    Using a compactor can be more challenging than it might seem at first glance. When you rent a compactor, there are many different factors to consider to make sure the job gets done the right way. The equipment rental company can answer many of your questions about choosing and using a compactor. Here are the answers to some of the questions users have most often about compactors.

    Do compactors work on all types of soil?

    All types of soil can be compacted, but different types of soil respond better to different kinds of compaction. Check the soil you will be working on to determine if it is granular or cohesive. If the soil is granular, it will crumble quickly if you mold it into a shape, and it will feel coarse when you touch it. Granular soil also looks grainy and coarse. For compacting granular soil, choose a compactor that uses vibration.

    Cohesive soil feels smooth and silky to the touch. It is moldable when wet and hard when dry. Because this soil is denser, it responds better to compactors that use impact force instead of vibration to squeeze out water and air.

    What size compactor do I need?

    The size of the compactor you need depends on the job you are doing. Forward vibration plates are good for small hardscape and landscapes. Small and medium reversible plates can work on these areas, as well as slightly large outdoor areas. Large, reversible plates are typically used for professional jobs, because of their size and difficulty of use. Roller and rammers both work in larger spaces with space of maneuverability.

    Do I need to take any safety precautions?

    Many compactors have built-in systems that turn the machine off automatically if the operator gets too close. Compactors can be surprisingly powerful, and they require the operator to have enough strength to keep them under control. It’s best to test the compactor before you start operating it to get a feel for the strength it requires.

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  • Dealing with Dirt with a Bobcat Sweeper Attachment

    Everyone from dedicated DIYers to experienced construction crews is familiar with Bobcat products. A-1 Rental Center has a full line of Bobcat attachments in our equipment rental selection, to help with the completion of jobs of all sizes. One such attachment we offer is the sweeper attachment to simplify cleaning jobs for a range of industrial and municipal sites.

    The sweeper attachment lets you sweep dirt and debris and then collect it and dispose of it in a single attachment. It is perfect for sweeping sidewalks, parking lots, docks, warehouses, and much more. For additional functionality, it can be operated in forward and reverse. The device can be rented for as little as three hours or as much as four weeks at a time.

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  • Should I Refinish or Replace My Wood Floors?

    Wood floors will make a beautiful addition to any home, but because wood is vulnerable to damage and wear and tear, they tend to show their age. After living with your wood flooring for many years, you may face the decision between refinishing your floors and replacing them. Refinishing is often a more affordable option, especially when you use equipment rentals like sanders to do it yourself, but it’s not always adequate to get the job done. Which option is right for your needs? This information will help you make up your mind.

    When to Refinish Floors

    Most wood flooring can be salvaged with refinishing if the damage is minor or limited to a few areas. If you have pet urine or water marks—the kind of damage that most homeowners consider to be serious—they can be fixed by sanding the floor and treating the area with stain to cover it up. Other kinds of damage, including holes, scratches, and infested boards, are easier to fix. Holes can be addressed by plugging, sanding, and staining, as can many kinds of scratches. For severely damaged or infested planks, replacing just those planks or patches of flooring can solve flooring issues. You can refinish the entire floor once the planks are replaced to create a more uniform appearance.

    When to Replace Floors

    While refinishing floors can save time and money, sometimes it is simply not possible. You may wish to consider replacing your wood floors if the floorboards are moving or creaking substantially when you walk on them. In this case, you will need to replace the floor to get the stability you want. Excessive creaking can also be caused by subflooring issues, in which case the floor will need to be removed to make repairs.

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  • Essential Tips for Auger Operation

    An auger is a powerful tool to have on hand when your project demands digging a lot of holes. With an auger, you can complete projects that would take days in a few hours instead. Augers are available for rental and are must-haves for everything from fence installation to deck building. Here are some tips for using an auger as safely and efficiently as possible.

    Get to Know Your Auger

    Augers are simple to use, but like all power tools, they can easily cause injury or damage when not used correctly. Getting to know the ins and outs of your auger before you use it will reduce the risk of mishaps. Typically, augers are started with a pull rope and have a throttle to rev the bit. They have handles on both sides of the engine to give you control over the motion of the auger. Try testing out the auger a few times before you actually start using it on your project to get a feel for its power and how it moves.

    Dig Pilot Holes

    If you start digging with the auger without a plan, you’re likely to create holes in the wrong locations that are need enough to need to be refilled. Before you start, mark where all of the holes should be, and dig small, pilot holes by hand in each location. The pilot holes will help you guide the auger when it’s time to use it.

    Operate the Auger Carefully

    When you start digging with the auger, it’s helpful to have another person hold it in position while you start it. Throttle it slowly and hold it as steadily as possible. As you dig, stop frequently to dump dirt off the auger. The deeper you go without clearing the dirt, the harder it will become to lift.

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  • Grading with an Excavator? Watch This Demonstration

    If your equipment rentals for your project include a tool for excavating so that you can grade a surface, keeping the machine level is key. Watch this video to see how grading with an excavator works.

    Before you begin grading your area, you should know the exact surface space you need to cover and the angles you want to create. When you’re using the excavator to remove dirt, keep the machine level and reset it on a level surface repeatedly, so you get an accurate, consistent result.

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  • Edging Options for Brick Patios and Walkways

    If you have a patio or walkway, edging is an essential part of the overall design. Edging adds a decorative element and designates a transition zone between your patio and walkway and your landscaping. With the right equipment rentals , you can complete your edging on your own, so you can get the look you want at a fraction of the cost. Here is a closer look at some of your options for edging around your brick patios and walkways.


    One simple, cost-effective way option for edging is simply using more bricks. Bricks are easy to lay as edging and will blend well with your structure. Simply dig a ditch and repeat the process of laying bricks as you did with your patio or walkway to create an edge. Setting the bricks in a different direction than the patio or walkway bricks will help make the edging stand out. You can also angle the bricks to create the look of a jagged edge. If you want the edge to be slightly raised, put concrete in the ditch to support the bricks.


    As long as you choose the right type, wood edging can make a distinct design statement. Select wood that is resistant to rot and pests, such as redwood or cedar. Dimensional lumber pieces are most often used for wood edging and can be installed in a linear or curved fashion. Wood edging can be installed similarly to fence posts with the use of an auger.


    Stone is a beautiful choice for rustic and natural landscape designs. Consider creating two edges with concrete and filling the center with a collection of small stones for a unique look. However, if your brick patio is around a pool, avoid using small stones, as they are a trip hazard.

    Whatever kind of edging you decide to use, A-1 Rental Center has the tools you need to complete your project. We offer an extensive selection of equipment rentals, including augers and trenching equipment in Redwood City . Reserve your rental today by calling (650) 369-2992.

  • Check Out Our Great Rates on Vehicle Rentals

    If you’re looking for a vehicle to help with a project that you have, then look no further than A-1 Rental Center. We offer a wide selection of vehicles as part of our equipment rental services, and we can provide the transportation you need at a price that is within your project’s budget.

    Among our vehicle rental services, we offer a variety of sizes of dump trucks, including diesel and automatic trucks, allowing you to select the right capacity for the size of your job. We also have Econoline vans and pick-up trucks, plus all of the accessories you need to use these vehicles effectively, including dollies. We offer daily, weekly, and four-week rental rates at competitive prices for all of our vehicles.

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