Classic Patterns for Beautiful Brick Walkways

You can add to your property value and make your home or business place more interesting by creating a brick walkway. Before you look for equipment rentals to get the job done, consider the different types of patterns you can choose from. Here are some classic patterns for beautiful brick walkways.


It doesn’t get much more classic than the grid pattern, and it’s one of the simpler patterns to create as well. All you need to do to create a beautiful brick walkway in a grid style is lay sets of two bricks facing perpendicular to each other. If you lay down two bricks vertically, set two bricks facing horizontally next. Keep following this pattern to cover the entire walkway. You can add an extra layer of interest and change the dynamic by sectioning off squares out of the repeating pattern. You can also play with different color combinations to make the design more unique.


If you’re not afraid to cut your bricks down to size, consider a pinwheel pattern for your walkway. Start by cutting a rectangular brick in half so you have a square for the middle of the pinwheel. Then lay four rectangular bricks surrounding the square brick, with the long side of one brick and the short side of the next brick making up each wall of the pinwheel. Repeat this pattern until you cover your whole walkway for a classic brick walkway that never disappoints.


The pinwheel design requires some simple brick cutting, but the whorled design takes it to another level. You’ll need to make many different types of cuts, so practice with your equipment rentals first. This kind of pattern is an excellent choice for large, sprawling walkways and patios.

With a few equipment rentals in San Francisco, you can bring your brick walkway design to life. At A-1 Equipment Rental Center , it’s our job to set you up with the right ones. Check out our trenching and moving equipment on our website, or call (650) 369-2992 to speak with us.

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