Choosing New Wallpaper? Don’t Neglect the Prep Steps

New wallpaper can completely change your design, and preparing in advance will help to ensure that it changes for the better. You’ll start by preparing the room for wallpaper removal, and you might need certain equipment rentals for the removal process . Then you can clean up the wall and add your new paper. Don’t neglect these prep steps when choosing new wallpaper.

Get Ready for Removal

You’re probably excited to replace your out-of-date wallpaper and modernize your space, but there are some steps you have to take before you can start ripping it down. First, remove the face plates from your electrical outlets and tape over them to keep debris and moisture out. Take down anything that’s hanging on the wall, including telephone jacks. Then, protect your flooring by laying down a drop cloth. Now it’s time to see how stuck to the wall the paper is, which you can do by peeling up a corner or seam. If the wallpaper pulls up easily, then the job will probably be quick and easy.

Use Steam or Solvents

If the old wallpaper is too adhered to the wall behind it, then you’ll probably need to use steam or solvents to remove it. An electric wallpaper steamer can get you through the tougher jobs more easily, and you can rent one for an affordable price. Visit your equipment rental center, and pick up some protective supplies as well. Hand and eye protection are important because of the steam and hot water you’ll be working with.

Clean the Wall

Once you have steamed the wall, you can scrape off the wallpaper. The steam will loosen the adhesion so you can use a scraper or knife to carefully remove the paper. When all the wallpaper has been removed, clean the wall and repair any dings.

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