Projects You Can Do with a Crawler Backhoe

Crawler backhoes are tractors used for excavating. They are a delight to operate, as the boom provides good maneuverability and the digging bucket can easily power through tough jobs. Backhoes are also versatile. You can rent one to lend a hand building permanent structures, or to use as hardscaping and gardening equipment.


Before you can build up, you must first dig down. Use your rented crawler backhoe to dig large diameter post holes. First, you need to clear your building project with the local building inspector. Make sure you contact the utility company, just in case there may be buried lines in the area. The company will send someone out to mark the lines with flags. Then, outline the holes to be dug before taking the wheel of the backhoe. This tractor is particularly useful in areas with large rocks in the soil. You can easily set these aside with the backhoe. Once your holes are excavated, you’re ready to set the posts in concrete.

Landscaping and Hardscaping

A couple of hours with a backhoe can accomplish more than you could do all day with a shovel. Rent this tractor to create a beautiful pond in your backyard. Add a waterproof liner, fill it with water, and plant flowers and greenery around the edges for added visual appeal. You can also remove stubborn tree stumps with ease with a backhoe, or dig up live trees and shrubs for transplanting elsewhere. Backhoes can easily lift large boulders. Position them in strategic locations to enhance the aesthetics of your landscaping.


Planning to throw an outdoor party? You can rent a crawler backhoe to dig a pit for a pig roast . The pit should be roughly twice as large as the pig. If you have a 100-pound pig, you’ll need a hole about 2.5 feet deep.

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