A Step-by-Step Guide to Planning a Home Flooring Project

A new floor can give your home an instant facelift. You may be surprised how straightforward it can be to install your own floor, as long you have the right equipment. With A-1 Equipment Rental Center, you can get the equipment rentals you need as soon as the next day. Here’s a look at how you can execute your new flooring project, step by step.

Prepare the Installation Area

Remove any old tiles, carpets, or boards from the area you wish to re-floor. Make sure the area is completely clean of grease, wax, glue, soap scum, and other materials that could interfere with the adhesive. Patch any holes and sand the surface as necessary to make sure it is completely smooth, clean, and level. If necessary, remove mold, trim, and appliances that could be in your way as you lay the flooring.

Add the Adhesive

Mark the subflooring according to exactly where you want to place the flooring tiles. Using whatever kind of adhesive is necessary for the kind of flooring you are using. Mix up the amount of adhesive you can use within 30 minutes, and then apply it to the subflooring using a trowel, smoothing it to about a one-quarter inch thick. Stay within the areas you have marked off for the tiles. Create ridges in the adhesive using the notched side of the trowel.

Cut and Place the Tiles

If necessary, cut the flooring tiles to fit your space. Tile cutters work for large cuts, and nippers allow you to make small curved cuts. For larger curves, use a rod saw. Smooth the edges and place your tile according to the layout you made when you added the adhesive. Let the floor set for at least 24 hours, and then finish the job by grouting the joints.

From small trowels to large rod saws, A-1 Equipment Rental Center has the tools you need to make your flooring project easy. To arrange for equipment rental in Redwood City , call us today at (650) 369-2992.

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