How to Prepare Your Landscaping for the Winter Months

With the arrival of cooler temperatures, many homeowners turn their attention to their landscaping and wonder what steps they should take to get it ready for winter weather. If you’re pondering what gardening equipment and tools to pick up from your local equipment rental center this season, then continue reading for advice on how to prepare your landscaping for the winter months.

Fertilize Grass and Trees

There are a number of steps that you can take now to help ensure that your lawn stays healthy through the winter and is well-prepared for the next growing season, and one of these is to fertilize. Feeding your landscaping in fall is a smart way to promote a healthy root system for your lawn, and it is also a good strategy for helping your trees make it through the winter with less dieback.

Aerate Compacted Soil

Over time, it’s normal for soil to be compressed due to foot traffic and other factors. While soil compaction is a normal process, it’s one that shouldn’t be left ignored because when soil becomes compacted, water, oxygen, and nutrients may have more trouble making it to the roots of your grass. To help promote a healthy lawn and prepare it for winter, now can be a great time to combat soil compaction with aeration, which involves punching small holes into the ground. You can get started with this project by borrowing a soil aerator from a local equipment rental center.

Continue Lawn Care

Once warm weather subsides, many homeowners make the mistake of ignoring their landscaping until the following spring. However, to keep your lawn and garden healthy through the winter months and prepare it for next year, you shouldn’t stop caring for your landscaping just because the temperatures drop. Instead, continue mowing your lawn as long as is it still growing and, unless the ground freezes, you should keep watering your garden as well.

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