Home Improvement Projects to Complete Before Your Holiday Guests Arrive

Using your tools and some equipment rentals , there are quite a few simple tasks you can tackle to help get your house prepared for visitors. Continue reading for some ideas on home improvement projects to do before your guests arrive for the holidays.

Upgrade Your Hardware

You may be amazed by how significant an effect new hardware can have on the look of your home. Inspect things like your doorknobs, faucets, shower heads, drawer pulls, and cabinetry handles, and then consider replacing any old or dated pieces with new hardware.

Install Outdoor Lighting

While you may know the ins and outs of your landscaping and can navigate it even in the dark, leaving your guests to find their way to your door without sufficient lighting on winter evenings may lead to dangerous slips and trips. To help prevent any accidents on your property this holiday season, make sure that you have plenty of outdoor lighting and remember to replace any dead bulbs.

Close Up Drafts

Utility bills tend to increase when guests are present, as more water, gas, and electricity are used. However, you can help keep your power bills climbing by addressing leaks that let your conditioned air escape outside. To help prevent higher heating bills this season, use caulk to seal up leaky windows and install door sweeps under your exterior doors.

Power Wash Walkways

Is your driveway mottled because of dirt and grime, or are your walkways a different color than when you had them installed? If so, then these parts of your property may benefit from power washing. To give these hardscaping elements a quick facelift before your holiday guests arrive, consider borrowing a power washer from a local equipment rental center and giving them a good cleaning.

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