• The Safe Way to Use a Dolly

    When you need to transport heavy loads or equipment from one place to another, chances are that you will require the services of a dolly, hand truck, or other type of moving equipment . A company that rents tractors and dollies will be able to provide you with the tools that you need to transport your loads safely and effectively. To avoid accident or injury, it is important to follow several safety tips when your dolly is in operation. Here is a closer look at some safety tips for using a dolly.

    Inspect Before Use

    Before you place any heavy items on your dolly’s platform, you will want to perform a thorough inspection. If any bolts, casters, or other essential items are loose or broken, your dolly could pose a significant safety hazard. Once you are certain that the dolly is in proper condition, you will be ready to start the loading process.

    Load Objects Carefully

    When you lift heavy loads onto your dolly, you will want to practice proper lifting techniques. Rather than using your back to lift a heavy box, it is important to always lift with your knees. If necessary, you can also ask another person to help you load and unload very heavy boxes or objects.

    Use the Necessary Straps

    Some dollies may come with safety straps, which are used to secure items to the platform during transport. If your dolly has come with a set of safety straps, you will want to make sure that you use them on all of your heavy loads. These straps will keep your objects from shifting or falling as they are moved.

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  • Reasons to Remove Tree Stumps from Your Yard

    When you are gearing up for a tree removal service, you may want to make sure that your technicians are planning on eliminating your tree stumps. Tree stumps are unsightly nuisances on any property, and there are several reasons why you shouldn’t wait to have your tree stumps removed. If you let your tree stumps remain, they could pose a safety hazard to young children and pets. Tree stumps can also attract colonies of unwelcome insects. With quality equipment rentals, your technicians can chop up and eliminate your dead tree stumps for good.

    If you have questions about what types of equipment rentals in San Mateo are needed to remove tree stumps, contact A-1 Equipment Rental Center by calling (650) 369-2992. Our team can assist you with renting the garden equipment or air tools that you need for your tree removal project. With our help, you can completely remove any unwanted tree stumps from your property.

  • How to Clean Your Windows

    Cleaning your windows will help prevent minerals and other forms of debris from staining and ruining your window glass. In this video, you will receive some essential advice for cleaning your windows. A company that offers equipment rentals can provide you with ladders and other tools that may be needed to clean windows that are located on the second and third stories of your home.

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  • Building a Wood Lattice Fence

    If you are seeking a beautiful and durable fencing option for your property, you may want to consider building a cedar wood lattice fence. In this video from This Old House, you will receive step by step instructions for building a wood lattice fence. After you have laid out your fence outline, you will be ready to dig post holes and erect your beautiful new fence. If you need tools for your fence construction, be sure to contact a company that offers equipment rentals.

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  • Top Tips for Building a Patio

    If you have been dreaming of expanding your home’s outdoor living space, you may want to consider a new patio installation. Patios can be used for a variety of activities, including entertaining guests, hosting family dinner parties, and simply enjoying the fresh air. With specialized equipment rentals, you may be able to construct your patio on your own. When you build a patio, you will want to make sure that you start out with a detailed layout and plan. Once you have created your patio layout, you will be able to decide which materials will be the best fit for your new patio space.

    With assistance from A-1 Equipment Rental Center, you can build the patio of your dreams. We are pleased to offer quality air compressors in Redwood City , and we can provide you with the air tools and blowers that you need to construct and maintain your beautiful new patio. To learn more about how our rental services can assist you, give us a call at (650) 369-2992.

  • Why You Should Have a Generator On Hand

    During the winter season, a major storm can cause power outages throughout your neighborhood and the surrounding areas. If you are concerned about losing power in your home during the coming months, you may want to consider renting or installing a backup generator on your property. Generators are designed to provide consistent power to a home’s electrical grid, even when the municipal power is out. Here is a look at why you may want to consider having a generator on hand.

    Ensure Peace of Mind

    One of the top reasons to consider having a generator on hand is that your generator will provide you with total peace of mind throughout the winter season. Rather than worrying about a power outage during the next storm, you can rest assured that your generator will keep your lights on and your appliances running.

    Provide Emergency Power

    A home backup generator is designed to turn on automatically if the municipal electrical supply goes out. When your technician installs your new generator, he will make sure that it is safely connected to your home’s emergency grid. Once a power outage is detected, your generator will turn on and provide ample electricity to run your appliances, home lighting system, and any other electrical devices throughout your home.

    Prevent Accidental Overloads

    If your home’s generator and the municipal electrical supply are functioning at the same time, your electrical grid could become overloaded. Fortunately, your generator will have been specifically designed to prevent accidental overloads. Once the municipal power lines are back up and running, your generator will turn off automatically.

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  • Getting Your Garden Ready for Winter

    The winter season is nearly here, and now is a terrific time to prepare your garden for freezing temperatures and shorter days. If you are uncertain about how to put your garden to bed for the winter season, you may want to consult with a company that offers equipment rentals in your local areas. Renting tools and gardening equipment will help you streamline the winterization process in your garden. Here is a closer look at some tips for getting your garden ready for winter.

    Plant Spring Bulbs

    If you love to see the first flowers peek out during the early months of spring, now is the time to start planting your spring bulbs. Certain flower bulbs, such as tulips, daffodils, and crocuses must be planted before the first big freeze of the winter. Freezing temperatures will actually encourage the bulbs to flower when the spring season arrives.

    Prepare Empty Beds

    After you have finished your winter planting, you will be ready to prepare any beds that will remain empty during the upcoming season. To prepare your beds for winter, you will want to pull up weeds, add compost, and cover them with mulch. The mulch will fertilize the soil and ensure that it is ready for you to perform your planting next spring.

    Turn Off Water Sources

    In the winter months, your hoses and other gardening instruments can freeze over. As you are getting your garden ready for the upcoming winter season, it is a good idea to drain your hoses and eliminate water from your sprinklers or irrigation equipment.

    At A-1 Equipment Rental Center, we offer equipment rentals in Redwood City that will be perfect for all of your winter gardening needs. We have provided our satisfied customers with gardening equipment , air tools, and many other different types of equipment. Contact our rental company at (650) 369-2992 to reserve the tools that you will need for your upcoming winterization project.

  • What to Know About Installing a Fence

    Fences have many uses, from delineating your property boundaries to keeping your kids and pets from wandering out of your yard. To install your own fence, get an auger and other equipment rentals to save yourself the cost of buying the tools outright. Watch this video to learn more about installing a fence.

    You can choose from different materials for your fence, such as wood, vinyl, or aluminum. You’ll need an auger to get your fence posts into the ground, and you may need other equipment such as a drill to fasten parts of the fence to each other.

    When you’re getting ready to build a fence, find all the equipment rentals you need at A-1 Equipment Rental Center. Give us a call at (650) 369-2992 to get all of the tools you need from our San Mateo equipment rental center .

  • The Best Way to Pressure Wash Your House

    If you’re like many homeowners, chances are you spend a fair amount of time making sure the inside of your home is clean—but when was the last time you washed the outside of your house? Your home is subject to the elements, and can get dirty and dingy looking over time. Pressure washing with the help of equipment rentals can make your house look brighter and more appealing, which is especially important if you are thinking about selling any time soon. Rent a gas or electric powered pressure washer, keeping in mind that gas powered washers will get the job done quicker than electric. Use an environmentally-friendly detergent that’s made for whatever your house is constructed of, such as brick, stucco, or vinyl siding. Avoid using a ladder when you are pressure washing your house, as this can be unsafe.

    A-1 Equipment Rental Center is your home in Redwood City for drills, scaffolds, air compressors, pressure washers, and more. Contact us at (650) 369-2992 for answers to your questions about your next home renovation or repair project.