• A Look at Deck Post Replacement

    Replacing a deck post may seem like a daunting task, but it is a relatively simple process. Watch this video clip for a look at deck post replacement and what equipment rentals you’ll need.

    Before you remove an old deck post, you’ll need to set up shoring to hold the weight of the deck. You can then remove the old post as well as its nails and brackets. Use a post base to keep the deck post from uplift; after drilling a hole and setting the post base, put a metal fastener into the hole. Then measure your new post and place it into the base.

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  • Getting the Essential Facts About Table Saw Safety

    Powerful equipment rental tools like table saws may be necessary for your project, but it’s important that you use them safely. Failing to take the proper safety precautions can lead to serious injuries as well as broken tools. Keep reading if you’re interested in getting the essential facts about table saw safety .

    Wear the Right Clothing table saw rental redwood city

    Fashion is probably not something you consider while operating a table saw, but it is nonetheless important to wear the right type of clothing when working with this kind of tool. Refrain from wearing shirts with long, baggy sleeves, as they can get in your way and even become caught in the machinery. It is also best to leave dangling jewelry out of your wardrobe for the same reason. Remember that bulky gloves can inhibit your sense of touch, which can keep you from operating a table saw safely.

    Use Safety Gear

    In addition to wearing the right kind of clothing, using a table saw safely includes wearing the proper protective gear. You never know when an accident will occur, so it’s crucial that you are prepared for the worst—even if you’re a pro. Be sure to wear goggles or some sort of protection for your eyes. You should also use respiratory protection, as the air may be filled with debris as you use your table saw. If anything should go wrong, these elements can protect you from serious injury.

    Don’t Make Awkward Cuts

    Your table saw technique might not only impact the quality of your work; it can also impact your level of safety and even the condition of the machine. Never attempt to make a cut if the angle feels awkward. You could bend the table saw and break the blade, which presents a serious safety hazard. Always line up your cuts.

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  • Pouring a Concrete Slab

    pouring concrete slab tool rental redwood city The way you pour your concrete slab will affect its durability and structural integrity, so it’s important that you have some idea of what you are doing. It also helps to use the right type of equipment rentals. Keep reading for a few tips on pouring a concrete slab.

    As long as you are equipped with the right tools, pouring a concrete slab is not a particularly extensive task. Depending on the exact nature of your project, you might need a wheelbarrow, a trowel, shovel, rebar cutter, and bull float. Once you have laid out the area for your slab and filled it with sand, use rebar to protect your support base from cracks. Pour the concrete and avoid adding too much water, then trowel the surface. Cut control joints so the concrete has somewhere to crack, and make sure you keep the area damp for about a week.

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  • A Closer Look at the Benefits and Uses of Furniture Dollies

    Moving can be a pain, but there are steps you can take to eliminate the stress from the process. Moving equipment like furniture dollies can be of significant help when it comes to moving heavy or large furniture, especially if you’re taking on the task alone. Here is a closer look at the benefits and uses of furniture dollies as equipment rentals.

    Move Efficiently moving dolly rental redwood city

    The average person typically views moving heavy loads as a chore rather than a hobby, but the right type of equipment can keep it from becoming a nightmare. Furniture dollies allow you to move your sofa, chair, or coffee table more quickly and efficiently than doing so manually. This is especially helpful if you are doing the work by yourself and would rather it not take all day.

    Spare Your Back

    While dollies don’t completely eliminate the need to physically lift large items, they can help in a significant way. Rather than carrying a large or dense piece of furniture into or out of your home, you can simply hoist it onto a dolly and then remove it once you have moved it to its new location. Countless people suffer serious injuries while lifting heavy items like furniture, but a properly used dolly can help you avoid such a setback. In this way a dolly may be even more useful than an extra pair of hands.

    Choose the Best Dollies

    One of the nice aspects of dollies is that there are plenty of options to choose from. One dolly might not make sense for all of your different types of furniture, but you can always rent multiple for maximum versatility. Consider the material of the furniture you are moving and the texture of the dolly surface in order to maximize your friction and keep your furniture on the dolly.

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  • Choosing a Truck for Rent

    truck rental redwood city A sturdy, trustworthy tractor or truck is necessary for a plethora of projects, especially when it comes to moving heavy loads. There are a few equipment rental options to choose from, however, so it helps to think about your needs when choosing a truck. Continue reading for help in choosing a truck for rent.

    Before you make a decision about the type of truck you would like to rent, consider the reasons you need one. If you’re planning on moving to a new house or apartment, a moving van or truck may be your best bet. If you have a large load of garbage, a dump truck would be better suited. Econoline vans and pickup trucks can be versatile, and they tend to be on the affordable side. You can always ask your truck rental professional for help if you are unsure of what kind of truck you might need.

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  • Essential Spring Lawn Maintenance Tips

    A beautiful lawn needs regular maintenance, and the spring presents the perfect time. Watch this video for a few essential spring lawn maintenance tips and to learn what equipment rentals you might need.

    Weeds can take away from your home’s curb appeal, so the first spring lawn maintenance step you should take is to remove any weeds you find. You can also aerate the areas that see the most traffic to keep the whole lawn looking even. Aerating any area of dead grass can help new growth and contribute to a gorgeous lawn of which you can be proud. While feeding your lawn is important, it’s important not to overfeed with fertilizer.

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  • What You Need to Know About Circular Saws

    Tackling a home improvement or contracting job? If you’re working with lumber, a circular saw is likely to be at the top of your tool rental list. Tool rental services in Redwood City offer a wide variety of saws to choose from, so it’s important to know when circular saws are ideal for your job and how to choose one. Here are some tips to get you started with circular saws.

    Saw Configurations Tool rental services in Redwood City

    Circular saws come in a variety of configurations to accommodate different users and jobs. One of the primary factors to consider is the location of the motor relative to the blade. Worm drive saws have a motor that is in line with the blade, which delivers high amounts of torque but can be very heavy. Sidewinder or small sidewinder saws have motors sitting alongside or behind the blade, which makes them smaller but may reduce torque. The saw you pick up at your equipment rental service should vary on the size of the job as well as the stature of the user.

    Corded or Cordless

    Generally speaking, equipment that can be plugged right into an outlet is capable of producing more torque and power than battery powered tools. This holds true for corded circular saws as well. However, cordless circular saws offer additional flexibility and maneuverability when working far away from an outlet, on a ladder, or in a setting that requires portability. But make sure you also pick up a battery charger at your equipment rental store—battery life on cordless rental tools tend to be limited in high-use situations.

    Using Your Saw

    Depending on your project, you may need additional equipment to safely and efficiently use your circular saw. Check to see if your equipment rental service has sawhorses or portable benches to give you a proper working surface. Always wear gloves and safety glasses, and always set your blade so that the bottommost tooth is no more than 1/4 inch below the lumber you’re cutting.

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  • What You Need to Know About Digging Post Holes

    Whether you’re building a privacy fence, installing a swing set, or installing a footing for a raised patio, effectively digging post holes is an essential step to ensuring the safety and structural integrity of your project. To make sure you’re able to dig holes efficiently and effectively, follow the tips below before you head to your Redwood City equipment rental service .

    Get the Right Tools for the Job auger rental redwood city

    When digging a post hole and installing a post, you’ll need the right tools to excavate the site, trim your posts to measure, and level the post. FamilyHandyman.com recommends picking up the following from your tool rental service: a posthole digger, a shovel, a reciprocating saw, a tile spade, a 2lb hammer, a digging bar, and a tape measure. You’ll also need stakes, some string and some working gloves.

    Mark Before You Dig

    Getting a level, sturdy post installation starts with careful digging. Always start by staking out the location of your posts prior to digging. This helps you ensure the proper placement and eliminate unnecessary digging. Be mindful of underground wires and plumbing!

    Three Steps to Digging

    Once your stakes are placed, it’s time to dig. Start by carving out the perimeter of the hole you’ll dig around the stakes. Use your shovel to do this easily without damaging your lawn. Next, use your tile spade to loosen the dirt within the carved area. Finally, remove the dirt using your posthole digger.

    Preparing The Post Hole

    As you dig, check the depth of your post hole using your tape measure. Consistent depth is important to ensuring that the tops of your posts are level. Cut through any tree roots using your rental saw or the edge of your shovel. Use your digging bar to remove any rocks and tamp the bottom of the hole to a flat even surface.

    You’re now all set to install your post! Get your post installation project started with rental equipment from A-1 Equipment Rental Center. Call 650-369-2992 for garden tool rentals in the Redwood City area.