• Loading a Refrigerator onto a Dolly

    generator rentals redwood city Dollies always come in handy when it comes to moving heavy equipment or appliances, and it is a perfect tool to have on hand when you need to relocate a refrigerator. You can avoid injury as well as damage to the appliance by understanding the proper methods of loading such heavy appliances. Read on for more on loading a refrigerator onto a dolly.

    When the task at hand involves moving something as heavy as a refrigerator, you are going to need a dolly. Start by removing all food items and removable shelves from inside the fridge. Use duct tape to secure all loose cords and keep the doors shut during the moving process. Slide the fridge towards your body and move the dolly towards the backside of the unit. Tilt the fridge and slide the dolly under it, pressing down on the dolly, and lower the fridge down.

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  • What You Need to Know About Gas-Powered Tool Safety

    While gas-powered tools can be helpful and effective, they can also be very dangerous when used improperly. Fortunately, you can avoid the dangers of carbon monoxide by operating in a safe place and becoming familiar with your air compressors and gas-powered tools. Here is what you need to know about gas-powered tool safety.

    Dangers of Carbon Monoxide air tools rental redwood city

    Homes tend to be equipped with both smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors in order to protect families from the dangers of each. Although you can visibly detect smoke in the air, carbon monoxide lacks both color and odor. Carbon monoxide is made even more dangerous by its ability to poison individuals without their knowledge, sometimes to a fatal extent. Engines used in gas-powered tools and equipment can emit carbon monoxide into the air, so it is especially important to understand the dangers if you frequently work with these tools.

    Working in a Safe Environment

    As a gaseous emission, carbon monoxide will freely disperse in the air. If you are working inside, however, the walls of your home, garage, or workplace will typically contain the gas to the immediate area. This is why it is important to use gasoline-powered tools in areas with proper ventilation. Ideally, it helps to use these tools outdoors. The only time a gas-powered tool should be used in an even partially enclosed location is when the engine is kept outdoors.

    Understanding Your Equipment

    Knowing how your equipment operates and how much carbon monoxide it emits can also be helpful in avoiding dangerous situations. If you purchase your gas-powered tools, read the manuals that come with them. If you rent them, talk to your equipment rental professionals to learn as much as you can about your tools and keep yourself and your surroundings safe.

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  • A Beginner’s Guide to Using a Drill

    Drills are among the most important tools in any toolbox. When you are planning on renting a drill, you will want to make sure that you know how to use your drill safely and efficiently. For example, a battery-operated drill will need to be charged before it can be used. As you are drilling, you will need to select the right bit for your task. After your bit has been selected, you will be ready to start drilling. For a look at the basics of using a drill, check out this video clip.

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  • Tips for Choosing the Right Concrete Equipment

    Working with concrete requires careful attention to factors such as surfacing and overlay. If you are preparing for a concrete resurfacing project, you will want to choose concrete equipment that has been designed specifically for your upcoming task. With the help of a company offering concrete equipment and generator rental near Redwood City, you can ensure that you have the right equipment for the job. Read on for some essential tips for choosing the right concrete equipment.

    Consider the Type of Concrete concrete equipment rental redwood city

    As you are choosing concrete equipment, you should be sure to evaluate the type of concrete that you will be removing or resurfacing. Different types of concrete require specific pieces of equipment in order to be removed effectively. For example, if you are removing an epoxy concrete coating, you will need different machinery than if you were planning to resurface an unsound concrete surface.

    Evaluate Your Concrete Surface Profile

    Along with taking a look at what type of concrete surface you will be working with, you should also take into account the concrete surface profile that you would like to achieve. In order to get the best results from your concrete resurfacing project, you will need to make sure that your surface profile has enough traction for your coating to stick. By choosing equipment that can achieve this profile, you will ensure that your project is a success.

    Check Your Power Source

    Power source is another important factor to consider when you are choosing concrete equipment. If you will be working on a project that is outdoors, you may want to make sure that you rent concrete equipment that is battery-powered.

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  • Give Your Home a Facelift in Time for Your Holiday Parties

    The holiday season is just around the corner, and chances are that you are preparing to host family and friends at your home during the coming months. To make a great impression on your holiday guests, you might want to consider embarking on a few simple home maintenance projects before the holidays are in full swing. With paint supplies and equipment rentals, you will be able to complete your home improvement projects in no time. Here is a look at some tips for getting your home in shape for the holidays.

    Evaluate Your Current Décor party rentals redwood city

    When you are planning home improvement projects before the holidays , it is a great idea to take a close look at your current décor and design themes. If your furniture and rooms are looking worn or dated, planning a painting project is a highly effective way to boost the appeal of your home.

    Choose New Paint Colors

    Once you have decided to revamp your home for the holidays, you will be ready to choose new paint colors for your interior spaces. As you are selecting paint, it is a good idea to choose colors that are warm, inviting, and comforting. By painting with warm colors, you can create a welcoming atmosphere for the chilly winter months.

    Rent Your Equipment

    To ensure that you are able to complete your home improvement and painting projects in time for the holidays, it is a terrific idea to rent equipment that can help you get the job done faster. For example, air tools and paint guns can be used to apply paint evenly and quickly to the surfaces of your walls.

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  • Advice for Safe Driving with a Trailer

    Trailers are among the most useful types of moving equipment that you can rent for your upcoming move. When you are preparing for an upcoming move to a new home, you may want to rent a trailer for your moving and transportation needs. In order to remain safe as you transport your belongings, it is crucial to follow safe trailer towing practices. Let’s take a closer look at some of the essentials of safe driving with a trailer in tow.

    Determine Your Hitch Classification trailer rental redwood city

    When you are preparing to tow a trailer , it is essential to determine how much weight your vehicle is able to safely tow. The gross trailer weight of your vehicle will help you choose the right hitch classification for your towing needs. For example, if your vehicle is rated to tow up to 5,000 pounds, you will need a Class 3 trailer hitch.

    Hook Your Chains Up Correctly

    While the tongue and hitch are your trailer’s primary point of connection to your vehicle, there could be an event in which the primary hitching system fails. If this happens, you will want to make sure that your chains are hooked up correctly. By crossing your chains, you can rest assured that your trailer is unable to slip free.

    Check Your Tire Pressure

    Before you set out on the road with your trailer, it is highly important to check your tire pressure. If your tires are underinflated, you could run the risk of experiencing a blowout as you are driving with your trailer. By checking your tire pressure, you can help keep your trailer setup safe as you drive.

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  • Comparing Bobcat Tractors

    tractor rental redwood city At A-1 Equipment Rental Center, we are proud to carry a great line of tractors serving Redwood City. When you are planning on renting equipment from our company, you will have a wide variety of Bobcat tractors to choose from. If you are planning a smaller project, you may want to rent the Bobcat T140. This compact tractor can be towed behind a pickup truck, making it a highly portable piece of equipment. When you need additional power and capabilities, a tractor such as the Bobcat Skid-Steer S220 will help you get the job done in no time.

    To find out more about our tractors, dollies, and drills, contact A-1 Equipment Rental Center at (650) 369-2002. As a leading company offering rentals and moving equipment in Redwood City, we are sure to have the right tractor for your job. Our team looks forward to helping you with all of your upcoming projects.