• Touring Your Lawn & Garden Equipment Options

    lawn mower rental redwood city Between tractors, chippers, and lawnmowers, a stockpile of lawn and garden equipment can help you keep your yard perfectly manicured. It is important to use the right equipment for the right jobs, however, which is why it helps to understand your options. Read on for a tour of your lawn and garden equipment options.

    Mowing your lawn on a regular basis is one of the most basic forms of landscape maintenance. A rotary gas lawnmower with a 21-inch mowing deck can make this a simple task. If you have tree stumps on your property that you need to take care of, consider using a self-propelled stump grinder. Once you have removed your stumps you can use a seed spreader to seed the areas and even out your lawn. Rakes, weed eaters, and hedge trimmers will also allow you to keep your lawn in top shape throughout the year.

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  • Table Saw Safety Tips

    Drills, saws, and blades can be invaluable and even necessary for the completion of various projects, but these equipment rentals can also be very dangerous if used improperly. Watch this video for a few table saw safety tips.

    Before you approach a table saw you should already be equipped with the proper safety gear. This may include eye protection like goggles as well as safety gloves. Always remember to place a guard over the blade of your saw to reduce your chance of accidents, and use a splitter to avoid kickback. While your rip fence is helpful for lengthwise cuts, it should never be used for a cross cut.

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  • How to Use Concrete Power Tools

    concrete equipment rental redwood city If you are planning out your first concrete project, you should learn how to use the proper concrete power tools before you rent them from an event and equipment rental service. You must choose the proper tools and understand how to use them safely. Continue reading to learn how to use concrete power tools.

    Choosing the Tool for the Job

    In the event that you find yourself struggling through a project involving concrete, consider whether or not you are using the proper concrete tools . Be sure that you can get the power you need for the job out of the power tool you have chosen. Consider the amount of freedom you need and choose a tool that can accommodate your needs. Talk to the professionals at your event and party rental store for recommendations.

    Providing the Right Finish

    The last steps of a concrete job are often among the most important because they impact the aesthetic value of the project. You can use a variety of tools to lay the finishing touches, and many choose to use trowels. Small or medium sized concrete jobs may afford you the opportunity to use a walk-behind power trowel. These tools can help you achieve a smooth finish that is clean and cosmetically appealing. For larger projects, you may want to look into a trowel that you can operate while riding on for a consistent finish.

    Using Concrete Tools Safely

    No matter what your concrete project entails, it is important that you operate your concrete power tools safely. You can do this by wearing protection for your face, ears, and hands and using your tools properly. Always operate power tools with both hands and avoid working in wet conditions.

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  • How to Use a Power Drill

    Power drills can be used in all sorts of situations, from large-scale construction tasks to simple chores around the house. If you would like to learn more about these party rentals before using them, watch this video clip for tips on how to use a power drill.

    Depending on the task you have to complete, you might want to use a hammer drill, an impact driver, or a standard drill. In the case of the standard drill, the situation determines how much voltage you will need. Residential tasks typically require less power than commercial projects. Become familiar with the forward and reverse settings, and adjust the torque according to how deep you want to put the screw.

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  • Your Trenching Equipment Options

    trenching equipment rental redwood city When it comes to trenching , the scale of the project you embark on dictates the type of equipment you will need. Fortunately you can find an event and party rental service in your area where you can rent the necessary equipment without having to buy it. Here is a brief look at a few of your trenching equipment options.

    There are two broad categories of trenchers: those that you walk behind and those that you ride on. Walk-behind trenchers are smaller and thus are typically suited for smaller jobs and shallower trenches. You can use walk-behind trenchers to dig trenches as deep as thirty inches, in most cases. When using larger trenchers that you ride on, you can dig trenches of double that depth. If you are unsure of what type of trenching equipment is best for your project, talk to your local equipment rental center.

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  • The Basics of Ladder Safety

    A ladder is a convenient tool and popular party rental that allows you to install decorations and equipment at great heights. However, it is important that you know how to use one properly before climbing up and getting to work. Read on for an overview of the basics of ladder safety.

    Where to Use a Ladder ladder rental redwood city
    Every ladder has a maximum height. If you are using a ladder that does not allow you to comfortably reach the area where you need to work, you are using this ladder in the wrong place. You should also refrain from using a ladder in front of a door that may knock into the ladder. If you do use a ladder in front of a door, make sure it is locked or securely held open. Never use a ladder on a surface that is slippery or not level; this applies to both the ground and the upper support point.

    Who Should Use One
    When working on a standard ladder, you should be the only one using it at any given time. Never climb a ladder that someone else is already using unless the ladder is designed for this use. Even ladders that feature handrails require the user to have some balance when using them. This is why you should not attempt to climb a ladder if you are dizzy or particularly fatigued.

    How They Should Use It
    At any point throughout the course of your project you should have at least three limbs contacting the ladder . This means that when you climb up the ladder you should hold on with both hands, since one of your feet will be moving. When you work at the top of your ladder, keep both feet planted. This will minimize the risk of losing your balance and sustaining serious injuries.

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