• How to Drain an Air Compressor Tank

    When you are considering renting air compressors in Redwood City, it is important to learn the basics of air compressor maintenance. Every type of air compressor creates condensation as it is in operation. In order to prevent rusting in air compressors, you will need to drain the tank. By opening the drain valve, you will be able to eliminate the moisture from your compressor tank. For a look at how to drain a compressor, watch this video clip.

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  • Air Compressors 101

    An air compressor is an incredibly useful tool to have around your workshop. When you rent air compressors in Redwood City, you will be able to add speed and convenience to a variety of different projects. From powering air tools to filling up tires, air compressors can be used for a wide range of tasks. If you are seeking a great way to boost the efficiency of an upcoming construction project, renting an air compressor may be the right choice for you. Read on for a quick look at the basics of how an air compressor works.

    Internal Motor air compressor rental san jose
    In order to create pressurized air, every air compressor relies on an internal motor. The internal motor of an air compressor is comprised of several familiar parts, such as valves, pistons, and a crankshaft. These components create combustion, which in turn generates pressure. As the pressure inside the air compressor rises, it allows forced air to exit through the hose.

    Pressure Switch
    When you are operating an air compressor , it is highly important to make sure that the total pressure output of your compressor remains at the appropriate level. Too much or too little pressure could compromise the performance of your tools. The pressure switch is designed to regulate the pressure of your compressor at all times.

    Since a compressor is composed of many moving parts, lubrication is another key component of its operation. Some compressors rely on oil lubrication, while others are completely oil-free. The type of compressor you need will depend on the demands of your project and your personal preferences.

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  • Exploring the Different Types of Generators

    In the event of a power outage or other electrical emergency, generators can be invaluable tools to have at your disposal. With a generator on-hand at your home, you will be able to ensure that your household does not go without power for an extended period of time. Along with providing power during emergencies, generators can also be used to power a variety of tools and equipment. If you are interested in a generator rental near Redwood City , here is a look at some of the options that may be available to you.

    Standby Generators generator rental redwood city
    Standby generators are most commonly used in the event of a power outage or other type of emergency. These types of generators are typically placed on the exterior of a home, and are connected to the home’s main fuel supply. For this reason, standby generators can come in propane or natural gas models. In the event of a power outage, the standby generator will automatically turn on in order to deliver power to your outlets, appliances, and lighting.

    Portable Generators
    A portable generator is a versatile and convenient option for homeowners and commercial contractors, alike. Unlike standby generators, which can be heavy and bulky, portable generators are lightweight and can be easily moved from place to place. If you are using a portable generator that runs on gasoline fuel, it is critical to make sure that you never operate your generator indoors. Other fuel options for portable generators include liquid propane and battery power.

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  • A Look at Some Popular Air Tools

    If you are seeking a terrific way to add convenience and ease to an upcoming project, you may want to consider renting air tools from an equipment rental center near you . A company offering air compressors in Redwood City can provide you with all of the air tools that you need to make sure your project is a total success. From blowers to air nail guns and more, there are a variety of air tools that await you at the rental center. Here is an overview of some of the most popular air tools that are available.

    Air Compressor air tool rental in redwood city
    At the heart of every air tool attachment is a powerful air compressor. On their own, air compressors can perform a variety of very helpful tasks around the workshop. When you are renting an air compressor, be sure to consider factors such as pressure output, portability, and overall maintenance.

    Paint Sprayer
    A paint sprayer is a highly useful air tool if you are planning on performing a large painting project. Using a paint sprayer, you can paint large sections with total ease. Along with painting wide areas, paint sprayers can also be used to perform more delicate and precise painting tasks.

    Air Nail Gun
    Using a conventional hammer can be extremely fatiguing over long stretches of time. Rather than wearing yourself out by hammering, you may want to consider an air nail gun rental. Using the pressurized air from a compressor, an air nail gun is able to shoot nails into a variety of surfaces. This popular air tool will add great convenience to your next building project.

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  • The Most Common Types of Ladders

    painting equipment rental redwood city When you are preparing for a project that requires a ladder or scaffold near Redwood City, it is important to research the types of ladder rentals that will be available to you. Each ladder is suited to a specific type of project or application. For example, a step ladder is a highly portable option that can be used to reach areas that require a ladder which is self-supporting. In contrast, an extension ladder must be placed against an object or surface that is able to bear the weight of the operator. If you will be working several feet off of the ground, a platform ladder will provide you with the best stability.

    To learn more about the ladder and scaffold options that are available for you to rent, contact A-1 Equipment Rental Center by calling (415) 508-5498 or visit our website . From table and chair rentals to garden equipment and more, we offer a variety of rentals to meet the needs of your upcoming project or event.

  • Choosing Linens for Your Wedding

    With the summer wedding season just around the corner, now is the perfect time to make sure that every detail is in place for your special day. With the help of a company offering party rentals in Redwood City , you will be able to make all of the arrangements for wedding linens, table and chair rentals, and all of the other items that you will need to ensure that your event is a total success. By working with a company offering wedding rentals, you will be able to use premium materials and items at a fraction of the cost of purchasing them on your own. To help you get started on your wedding planning, here is a look at some tips for choosing linens for your wedding.

    Consider Your Budget party rentals in redwood city
    When you are choosing linens for your wedding , it is a good idea to take a look at your overall wedding budget. If you have been working with a wedding planner, chances are that you have certain funds set aside for linen rentals, table rentals, and chair rentals.

    Plan Your Theme
    After you have established your budget, your next consideration is the theme and colors of your wedding. While many weddings have a classic color scheme of white and pale neutrals, it is also perfectly appropriate to add excitement to your table settings with linens that offer a special pop of color. You may want to consider a fun wedding theme, such as a woodland look, or take the season into account when selecting your table linens.

    Evaluate Different Fabrics
    The type of fabric your linens are made from is another critical factor to consider when you are choosing your wedding linens. If you are having an outdoor wedding, for example, it is a good idea to select sturdy linens that can stand up to sun and other environmental factors. Softer, more delicate linens may be appropriate for an elegant indoor wedding reception

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  • Operating Your Lawn Mower Rental

    With the spring season in full swing, now is a great time to consider a lawn mower rental for your yard. A company renting mowers and tractors serving Redwood City can provide you with the equipment that you need to keep your lawn looking healthy and green. When you are operating your lawn mower rental, you will need to take a few tips under consideration. For example, it is important to avoid cutting your lawn too short and to mow on a frequent basis. To learn more about operating a lawn mower, check out this video.

    For more information about garden equipment rentals and more in Redwood City, contact A-1 Equipment Rental Center at (415) 508-5498. You are sure to be thrilled with the quality and convenience of our tool rentals. If you’re planning a special event, ask about our party rentals and wedding rentals.

  • Exploring Some Different Types of Air Compressors

    When you rent air tools for a construction project, you should also look at renting air compressors in Redwood City . Air compressors can be used to power pneumatic equipment such as jackhammers and drills, and the compressors themselves can be powered by either electricity or gas. There are several different types of air compressors, including:

    Rotary Screw Air Compressors Air Compressor Rental in Redwood City
    This type of air compressor features two interlocking helix-shaped screws, called the rotors. Rotary screw compressors are compact, and they run relatively quietly and smoothly, providing a steady flow of compressed air, which makes them well-suited for tasks where a continuous flow of high-pressure air is needed. For example, rotary screw air compressors are ideal for powering jackhammers.

    Piston Type Air Compressors
    Much the engine in a car, a piston-type compressor uses a crankshaft to propel pistons, which compress air to a high pressure. This type is also known as a reciprocating air compressor. The pistons may be single acting, if motion in only one direction is used to compress air, or double-acting, if the motion in both directions actively compresses air. The air flow is periodic or cyclical, and piston-type compressors may generate more noise and vibration than the rotary screw type.

    Centrifugal Air Compressors
    The above types of compressors use positive displacement; that is, they increase the pressure of air by decreasing its volume. Centrifugal compressors use “non-positive” displacement instead; the rotating component (called the “impeller”) passes its kinetic energy into the air or other gas being compressed, and this is later converted into high pressure energy.

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  • How Do Air Compressors Work?

    Many types of pneumatic air tools, such as augers and jackhammers, can be powered using air compressors. If you have a small building project that you need to use tools for, you can rent air compressors in Oakland instead of buying one. These devices should not be confused with generators, as they do not actually produce electrical power. Rather, they use compressed air to produce mechanical energy and drive tools. Learn more about how they work below.

    Basic Functions Air Compressor Rental in Redwood
    Essentially, an air compressor delivers a stream of highly pressurized air through a narrow hose. There are several different types of air compressors, including rotary screw and piston, which provide increased pressure by forcing air into a smaller space, and centrifugal, which imparts kinetic energy to the air by means of a rotating impeller. With minimal attachments, air compressors can be used to inflate objects ranging from pool floats to automobile tires.

    Power and Ratings
    Air compressors can be electrical, which means you have to plug them in, or gas-powered, which means you have to fill the tank. For use in the home or garage, electrical models will work fine. If you need to use the compressor at a remote, off-grid site, choose a gas or diesel fueled model. When you are looking at the ratings of the compressor, don’t pay too much attention to the horsepower—instead, look at how many cubic feet per minute (cfm) of air it can deliver.

    Extended Application
    You can rent or purchase many types of air tools that are powered via a compressor, including nail guns, drills, grinders, paint sprayers, and many more. Air tools are both less expensive and more powerful than standalone versions of the same device.

    You can rent an air compressor , and the air tools to go with it, from A-1 Equipment Rental Center. If you are in San Francisco, San Jose, or Oakland, call us today (650) 557-2783 to inquire about availability and pricing for all our rental items.