Tips for Digging a Post Hole

Building your own home fence can be a rewarding do-it-yourself project. Before you go looking for drills to rent in Redwood City, though, you should learn about the process of digging a fence post hole. The only special items you will need are a clamshell digger and a tamper. The other items, including a spade, shovel, should be standard garden equipment.

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First, you need to string out a line where the fence will go, then pound in stakes where each fence post will go. Use a spade to dig evenly around the post. Then, use the clamshell digger to remove soil quickly. Any plant roots that are in the way can be cut with air tools such as a pneumatic saw. Don’t forget to tamp the hole at the bottom so the post will sit securely and evenly.

Call A-1 Equipment Rental Center today at (650) 557-2783 to inquire about renting drills, air compressors, tractors, and any other equipment you need for your lawn improvement project near San Francisco or San José. Renting a power auger can significantly cut down on fence post hole digging time.

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