Choosing the Right Lawn Mower Rental

Spring has arrived in the Bay Area, and it’s now the season once again when you can hold outdoor events. Before you start arranging your party rentals near San Francisco , though, you’ll need to mow your lawn. If you don’t have your own mower, don’t worry—lawn mower rental is affordable, and you can select the perfect model for your needs. Figure out what kind of lawn mower you need by using the guide below.

How Big Is Your Lawn?
The size of your lawn is the primary factor that will determine which lawn mower you should rent . Ride-on mowers don’t make sense for small lawns in urban areas such as Oakland and San Francisco. On the other hand, if you live in an area such as Redwood City, San Mateo, or San Jose, and you have a very large lawn on your property, you might want to rent a riding mower to make your lawn care task easier.

Where Is the Nearest Outlet? Lawn Mower Rental in Redwood City
Corded electric mowers are common, especially for smaller lawns. However, the cords only reach so far, so you need to measure the distance from the outlet to the furthest edge of your lawn in order to make sure that it will reach. If your home lacks outdoor outlets or if your lawn is large, you might be better off renting a gas mower for extra mobility.

What Shape Is Your Lawn
Square and rectangular lawns are fairly easy to mow. Irregularly shaped lawns, however, can pose a challenge, even with a cordless hand mower. If you have a medium-sized lawn but it is irregularly shaped or broken up into smaller spaces with garden patches, consider renting a zero-radius turning riding mower for extra maneuverability.

You can rent a lawnmower for your landscaping project from A-1 Equipment Rental Center by calling (650) 557-2783 today. We also rent out generators and tools for a variety of projects, and we offer party rentals, including table and chair rentals, for weddings and other types of events.

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