A Look at Different Types of Drill Bits

Drills in San Jose are convenient tools because they can be easily modified to fit the job at hand. Adding a new drill bit to your drill can dramatically change its convenience of use as well as its performance. Here is a brief look at different types of drill bits.

Right Angle Equipment and tool rental in Redwood City
Depending on the project you are working on, you may end up putting yourself in uncomfortable positions in order to use your drill at the proper angle. With a right angle drill bit, these hard to reach areas become much easier to handle. This kind of bit is designed to help you conquer tight corners ; it contains a magnet that allows you to control screws as you drill them and a comfortable handle to take all of the inconvenience out of working in contained spaces.

If you are looking for extra precision and accuracy, a drill guide may be what you are after. Simply tighten the drill chuck onto the shaft and then tighten the drill bit into the guide. You can then choose an angle of up to 45 degrees and adjust your drill guide accordingly, allowing you to create perfectly precise holes. This type of drill bit and attachment can eliminate any worry you may have of boring inconsistent or inaccurate holes into your wood.

Drill and Drive
In the event that you are drilling a hole for the purpose of filling it with a screw, the drill and drive bit is the perfect companion. With this attachment you can bore a hole and then remove the bit and turn it around, at which point you can drive the screw into the newly created hole; this method can prevent you from splitting your wood.

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