• Tools Needed to Clean Water Damaged Carpet

    If you stumble upon the misfortune of dealing with water damage, be sure to clean it as soon as possible so that you do not experience mold growth. This can be done with just a few equipment rentals in Redwood City. Watch this video to learn about the tools needed to clean water damaged carpet.

    It is important to remove all of the water from your carpet, which will usually be done using a wet-vac; never use a regular vacuum cleaner for this. Saturate the carpet with a live enzyme cleaner and then vacuum again before using blowers to thoroughly air dry the area.

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  • A Brief Overview of Bobcat Equipment

    When you are faced with a large-scale job involving landscaping, construction, or demolition, you will likely need the help of moving equipment in Redwood City. Complete with tractors, loaders, excavators, and utility vehicles, the extensive roster of Bobcat equipment available from event rental services will help you take on any job. Read on for a brief overview of Bobcat equipment.

    Bobcat Equipment Rental in Redwood City

    Bobcat has long been depended on for its range of powerful and reliable machines, and the brand continues to improve and expand upon its already impressive arsenal. Compact equipment by Bobcat is guaranteed to be tough, durable, and versatile. Any kind of agriculture, utility, or maintenance project is doable with a Bobcat tractor, loader, or telescopic tool carrier.

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  • Equipment for Clearing Any Drain Clog

    A clogged drain can be very inconvenient, and different drains may be unclogged using different methods. Fortunately there is always a way to unclog the drain, and plungers and augers in Redwood City are affordable and efficient. Keep reading to learn about the necessary equipment for clearing any drain clog.

    Plunger and Auger Rental in Redwood City

    Many clogged drains can be alleviated with the use of a simple plunger. In the case of a toilet clog, simply insert the plunger into the toilet with the rubber end facing down, and repeatedly push down and lift up without bringing the plunger out of the water. If it is your sink that is clogged, run the water until it has partially filled and then apply the same technique; however, you should use a different plunger for your sink than for your toilet.

    When a plunger fails to do the job, it is time to move on to an auger. Augers are particularly effective for thorough clogs , especially in tub drains because of the hair, soap, and shampoo residue that can build up on the pipe. Place a cable auger into the drain and feed it down into the pipe by turning the hand crank on the auger. You will feel resistance when you meet the clog, so push through and then pull the cable back. It helps to finally pour hot water down the drain.

    Where to Find Them
    When it comes to acquiring equipment for clearing drain clogs, your choices are many. You can often find plumbers or augers for purchase at supermarkets, convenience stores, and department stores. You can also find these items as well as drills, air tools, and generators at equipment and party rental stores.

    If you are looking for equipment for clearing a drain clog, call A-1 Equipment Rental Center at (650) 369-2992. We are fully stocked with all kinds of rentals including augers, dollies, air tools, generators, and more. For more information about our tools please feel free to visit our website or stop in and see us if you live in the Redwood City area.

  • Which Auger Is Right for Your Job?

    Much like dollies, air tools, and drills in Redwood City, augers can be used to complete various different kinds of projects. However, the type of auger you should use will depend on the job at hand. Continue reading if you would like to find out which auger is right for your job.

    Plumbing Projects
    While augers are often used for digging holes, they can also be used to take care of plumbing issues . If you experience a stubborn clog in your tub, toilet, or sink that cannot be alleviated with a plunger, an auger is typically the next choice in treatment. In most cases you will not need anything larger than a closet auger, which is designed for use in toilets. These types of augers are available with metal or plastic casing and user friendly cranks to help you clear out any household plumbing clogs with ease.

    Deep Digging Post Hole Digger Rental in Redwood City
    If you are digging holes in order to plant posts for a fence or a deck, you will need a different kind of auger. A hand operated post auger is useful when you need to dig deeper holes of six to eight inches or more. Plant your auger and screw it into the ground by rotating the top handle, then remove it and discard the soil that the auger pulls out. If you need to dig deeper, you can simply add handle sections.

    Small Diameter
    The most common type of auger for digging jobs is the clamshell hand post hole digger. This auger is useful when you need a hole with a smaller diameter of up to six inches and a depth of one or two feet. It is also convenient for use next to existing fences and walls.

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  • Essential Tools for a Landscaping Project

    Landscaping projects can substantially improve an area’s aesthetic appeal as well as overall function, but the job requires time, effort, and the right type of tools in San Mateo. If you do not own the necessary tools, you can often find what you are looking for at an event and party rental store. Here are a few of the essential tools for a landscaping project.

    Digging Tools
    If you are beginning a landscaping project, you will need to acquire tools to help you dig up earth, gravel, or any number of other kinds of material. This is typically done with a round point shovel; its pointed end allows you to break through the surface while the rest of the blade provides an area with which you can easily hold a scoop of the material you are digging into. If your landscaping project requires the displacement of a large amount of dirt or gravel, you will need moving equipment.

    Moving Equipment Landscaping Equipment Rental in Redwood City
    Tractors, forklifts, and other kinds of heavy-duty moving equipment will be necessary for larger scale landscaping projects. If your project is on the smaller side, you will be better off using a wheelbarrow or dolly to transport your materials. This is a necessary component of any new garden installation as there will be a great deal of soil and plants to transport. If your materials are especially heavy, consider a wheelbarrow with two wheels .

    Mechanical Breakdown
    You may have to break down branches, roots, or even whole trees, but at the very least you will need to cut grass. Depending on your project you may want to look into acquiring shears, a lawn mower, or a chainsaw for mechanical breakdown of plants and trees.

    Are you looking for the essential tools you need to help you complete a landscaping project? Contact A-1 Equipment Rental Center or visit our website. We provide a variety of wedding and party rentals in the San Mateo area. If you would like to learn more about our tractors, drills, or air tools, feel free to stop in and meet with us or call us at (650) 369-2992.

  • Renting Chairs for a Wedding

    Wedding Chair Rental in Redwood City Preparing for a wedding tends to be an extensive process, but fortunately much of the equipment that you will need may be obtained through wedding rentals in Redwood City. One of the most important components is chair rental. Here is a brief overview of renting chairs for a wedding.

    When it comes to table and chair rentals, there are many aspects to consider. Consider the expected attendance at the event and rent a few more chairs than you think you will need in case of emergencies. The chairs should also fit the style of the wedding in terms of color and theme, and longer running events should call for more comfortable chairs. It also helps to rent from a nearby wedding rental company so that you can try the chairs out before you make your final decision.

    If you are interested in renting chairs for a wedding call A-1 Equipment Rental Center at (650) 369-2992. We are dedicated to providing high quality wedding and party rentals in the Redwood area. Please feel free to visit our website in order to learn more about our table and chair rentals today.

  • How to Use a Floor Jack

    Air tools in San Mateo utilize air compression in order to deliver a significant amount of power. A floor jack is one particular kind of tool that operates based on this principle, and this compression allows it to lift the weight of your vehicle. Read on for a brief overview of how to use a floor jack.

    Floor jacks are great air tools to have on hand if you ever need to check out the bottom of your car or change a tire after you blow one on the road, and they are usually easy to use. Check the weight limit for your floor jack and find level ground where it can be used. Identify a stable lift point for your vehicle and pump the jack until your vehicle begins to lift. In some cases you may want to use jack stands once the vehicle has been lifted.

    If you are looking for a floor jack, contact A-1 Equipment Rental Center or visit our website to learn about our event rentals. We are a San Mateo based event rental company that offers generators, tractors, air tools and more. You can find out more about our party rentals by calling us at (650) 369-2992.

    Floor Jack Rental in Redwood City

  • Renting Plumbing Equipment for Unclogging a Drain

    While all different kinds of drains may clog, they are not all treated with the same equipment; fortunately you can rent any auger or snake you may need from a service that offers party rentals in Redwood City. Keep reading if you are interested in renting plumbing equipment for unclogging a drain.

    Plumbing Equipment Rental in Redwood City

    One of the most common types of clog that happens in an everyday household is a toilet clog. A standard plunger is an appropriate tool to remedy this type of clog in most cases; simply stand above the toilet and push the rubber part of the plunger into the drain, and then pull straight up. This motion should alleviate the clog via suction . Some more severe clogs may require the use of a hand held auger instead.

    Your sinks are vulnerable to the same types of clogs as your toilets, and they are usually treated in similar ways; however, it is important to fill your sink with a couple of inches of water before using a plunger. Stubborn clogs may require you to investigate the sink trap and drain line with a cable auger. If you empty your trap to find that this is not the location of the clog, drive your auger through the drain pipe until you reach the blockage. Then you can retrieve the cable and test the system by running hot water.

    Bathtubs tend to clog up due to an excess of loose hair and soap scum; thus, the first step is to remove these materials. Once any obvious obstructions are cleared, you can fully repair the clog with a combination of the previous techniques using a plunger and an auger.

    If you have a stubborn drain to unclog, contact A-1 Equipment Rental Center to find the event rentals that you need. We are proud to serve the Redwood City area with generators, scaffolds, air compressors, tractors, and any other type of tool that you might need in order to complete your project. For more information about our event rental services, please feel free to call us at (650) 369-2992 or visit our website today.