Cleaning Up After Water Damage

There are various different occurrences that may lead to water damage, including plumbing mishaps, extreme weather, and everyday accidents. If you do not have the tools it takes to repair these damages, do not fear; you can always rent blowers, air tools, and drills in San Francisco. Read on to take a look at how different surfaces can be cleaned up after water damage.

Hard Surfaces
Many homes make use of hard surfaces, whether they are porous like linoleum and vinyl or non-porous like metal and plastic. Hard surfaces like these can be treated with a mixture of water and mild detergent; this can help to reduce instances of mold growth following water damage. The mixture can be absorbed using a vacuum or cloth after it has been applied to the surface. In the case of porous flooring, be sure to check that the underflooring is dry.

Carpet Water Damage Cleanup Equipment in Redwood City
Unlike hard surface flooring, carpets tend to retain water and thus facilitate mold growth. If your home experiences water damage, it is a good idea to dry out your carpets as quickly and efficiently as possible. This may require a number of tools; if you do not own them, consider looking into event rentals. Use a dehumidifier to control the humidity levels of the space while you absorb the water from the carpet using a vacuum. It is also wise to point fans at the carpet to expedite the process.

The process of cleaning up wood after water damage is similar to that of cleaning up carpets: Use dehumidifiers and fans to constantly dry the surface while you actively remove the water. However, cleaning wood is also like cleaning other hard surfaces in that finished or treated surfaces should be exposed to a mixture of water and mild detergent.

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