• Tips for Preventing a Plumbing Emergency

    There’s nothing wrong with tackling plumbing repairs yourself, but you do need to be careful so that you avoid a plumbing emergency. Even small plumbing jobs like installing a toilet or repairing a leaky faucet can quickly become a nightmare if you aren’t careful and don’t use the right plumbing tools and equipment . Here are some important principles and tips to help you avoid a plumbing disaster when performing DIY plumbing installation and repairs.

    Know Where Your Pipes Are Locate
    Before you go cutting into a wall, make sure you know where your pipes are located. Puncturing a copper or plastic supply pipe can quickly flood the room you’re working in, so rent a pipe locator from your local equipment rental store and make note of any pipes in the area you are working.

    Plumbing Emergency Redwood City Seal Water Connections
    After replacing old pipes or installing new fixtures , seal the connections with sealant tape to prevent leaks and corrosion. Blue spool plumbing tape is the most common variety, but you can also use brushable tape that’s specially formulated for threaded plastic or galvanized steel.

    Don’t Over-Tighten
    A clean, properly cut and fitted joint that’s been sealed doesn’t need to be massively tightened. After bringing all the parts together firmly using a wrench, it only takes another half turn or so to tighten everything properly. Over-tightening can strip the connections and damage the fittings, which can cause leaks and make it extremely difficult to remove the connections and fittings in the future.

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  • Using a Pressure Washer

    If you’re planning on repainting your home, you should really think about stripping the old paint before applying a new layer of color. To save time and avoid a huge mess, rent a pressure washer. A high-powered pressure washer is the fastest and cleanest way of removing old paint buildup from siding and decks. Watch this video to see how easy it is to use a pressure washer and to learn a few tips from a professional.

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  • A Guide to Unclogging a Drain

    Unclogged Drain Redwood City If you’re dealing with a stubborn plumbing clog, don’t hire a plumber just yet. Most times you can clear a drain clog with drain auger, also known as a drain snake. This tool is simply a coiled spiral snake with a handle on one end that helps you break up and pull out the blockage. When using a drain snake, push the end of the snake into the drain opening and turn the handle to uncoil the snake and send the auger down the drain. Keep pushing until you feel resistance and begin rotating the snake against the blockage until you feel it feed freely into the pipe. Pull the snake (and the clog) out of the drain and run the water for a few minutes to clear out any remaining bits and pieces of the clog.

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  • The Steps of Painting a House

    Painting the exterior of your home can cost thousands of dollars in the hands of a professional. The good news is that you can save a lot of money if you invest the time to do it yourself correctly. Of course you’ll need to rent the proper painting equipment from your tool and equipment rental provider, but even that’s much cheaper than paying someone else to paint your house for you. To give your home a beautiful, professional-looking finish, here are some important steps to take when painting the exterior of your home.

    Safety First
    If your home was built before 1978, when lead paint was banned for residential use, take precautions to protect yourself and your neighbors from airborne lead particles. Lay plastic drop cloths and collect scraping around your home, clean the area with a HEPA vacuum, wear masks and painting suits, and dispose of all materials at an approved hazardous materials site.

    Painting Your Redwood City

    Pressure Wash the Exterior
    Professionals recommend pressure washing the exterior of your home to remove old layers of paint as well as mold and mildew. You can rent a pressure washer from A-1 Equipment Rental Center that will help you prep your home for new paint in a fraction of the time it would take to sand by hand.

    Prime and Paint
    After the wood siding is prepped and ready for paint, apply primer to provide an even base for top coats to adhere to. As for the paint itself, a water-based acrylic latex paint is preferred to oil-based paints because it applies easily, dried quickly, and cleans up with soap and water. No matter what type of paint you go with, try to limit the number of top coats you apply. More layers can result in paint flaking off through the years.

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  • The Importance of Cleaning Up Water Damage

    It’s normal to feel paralyzed to act after a catastrophic event, but the sooner you get to work cleaning up the damage, the better off you’ll be. This is especially true following a plumbing emergency or catastrophic weather event that causes extensive water damage in your home.

    Water Damage Cleanup Redwood City

    For starters, standing water is a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, and mold that can put you and your family at risk for all kinds of illnesses and diseases. Water damage can also affect the structural integrity of your home, which places your entire family at risk. Excess moisture indoors also poses an indoor air quality concern since high level of indoor humidity can foster growth of dust mites, which can cause asthma and trigger allergic reactions and asthma attacks.

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