• Winter Lawn Care

    If you’ve spent all summer keeping your lawn healthy and fertile, you may be looking forward to taking the next few months off. However, winter lawn care is just as important, especially if you want your lawn to be lush and healthy when spring rolls around. In this video you will learn some important winter lawn care tips, including how frequently to water, how high to cut your grass, and what type of fertilizer to use on your lawn.

    A-1 Equipment Rental Center wants to help you maintain your lawn. We provide all the lawn and garden equipment rentals you need to keep your lawn looking lush and healthy all year round. Visit our website to see our lawn and garden equipment rentals , or call A-1 Equipment Rental Center at (650) 369-2992 for help finding a specific tool or piece of equipment. 

  • Building Demolition Safety Requirements

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re demolishing a tool shed, a single-story house, or a high-rise office complex, all building demolition projects require carefully planning to safeguard the health and safety of workers, neighbors, and observers. Building demolition also requires a lot of tools and equipment, many of which are too expensive to buy outright. Fortunately, you can rent all of the tools and equipment you need for a building demolition project at A-1 Equipment Rental Center. To keep you and your workers safe, here are some important building demolition safety requirements. 

    Ceiling Repair

    Engineering Survey
    OSHA Standard 1926.850(a) requires that an engineering survey of the structure be conducted prior to starting any and all demolition operations. The purpose of the engineering survey is to determine the condition of the structure and neighboring structures. The engineering survey also provides the contractor(s) with the opportunity to evaluate the demolition job in its entirety to make sure all of the equipment, manpower, and safety requirements are procured before breaking ground on the job.  

    Utility Location
    One of the most important elements of planning for a building demolition project is the location of all utility services, including electric, gas, water, steam, and sewer lines. These utility lines should be shut off, capped, or otherwise controlled before demolition work begins. If any utility lines are needed during demolition, such lines need to be temporarily relocated by the utility company/companies involved. The public should be made aware of the location of any relocated utility service lines in the area.

    A-1 Equipment Rental Center can supply you with the tools and equipment needed to bring down a building. We even rent out dump trucks so you can haul away debris from the job site. Visit our website to see all of the tools and equipment we rent, or call us at (650) 369-2992 to speak with one of our equipment rental experts

  • Essential Tips for Choosing a Generator

    Generators are incredibly useful, especially if you need an emergency power supply or require electricity in a remote location to power appliances or power tools. A-1 Equipment Rental Center offers a wide selection of rental generators ranging in size from small portable generators to residential and commercial backup power supply systems. The following tips can make sure that you rent the right generator for your needs. 

    Plug In To Power

    Consider Fuel Costs
    When you are comparing different generators , consider each generator’s fuel storage capacity and fuel efficiency. These factors will affect operating costs and may influence your decision. A fuel-efficient generator will cost less to run, but a generator with a large fuel tank will lessen down time due to refueling. Ask your equipment rental provider for specific fuel efficiency ratings for each generator.

    Evaluate Operating Noise
    Technological advancements have made generators quieter and cleaner than ever, but there are varying degrees of quiet. Inverter generators are extremely quiet, making them ideal for use in residential or noise-restricted areas where the resonance from a standard gasoline generator may be problematic. Mufflers, air cleaners, and automatic idle controls can effectively reduce the noise level on gasoline generators.

    Look at Your Power Needs
    When you visit your local equipment rental store, you may be asked what type of appliances or equipment you need to run on the generator. A small 300-watt generator can operate several light bulbs and small electronics, but heavy construction equipment and industrial lighting requires a larger generator. A-1 Equipment Rental Center can recommend the right generator based on your power needs.

    Ask for Help
    Don’t accept an across-the-map recommendation when looking to rent a generator. At A-1 Equipment Rental Center, we will consider your specific needs to recommend the generator that will work best. Visit our equipment rental store in Redwood City, CA or call us at (650) 369-2992 for help selecting the perfect rental generator for your needs. 

  • The Essentials of Using a Staple Gun

    Using a staple gun is much faster and easier than banging in tacks or nails. Staple guns are used by professionals and DIY handymen alike for jobs including wiring, insulation, and roof repair. The staple gun is also useful in jobs around the house, especially furniture repair. There are many types of staple guns available for rent at A-1 Equipment Rental Center, including electric staple guns, battery-operated staple guns, compressed-air staple guns, and manual staple guns.

    Watch this video to learn about the essentials of using a staple gun from Bob Villa. If you need to rent a staple gun for a residential or construction project , come to A-1 Equipment Rental Center in Redwood City, CA. You can see our tool and equipment rental options online. If you have questions, contact us online or call us at (650) 369-2992. 

  • Important Saw Safety Tips

    How Much Wood

    Using a table saw improperly can damage your property and even cause serious injury. When operating a saw, never wear gloves; they can reduce your tactile sense and increase your chance of getting injured. Make sure the floor in front of the saw is free of cut-offs and sawdust, as this increases your risk of slipping. Always wear eye protection so that projectiles don’t damage your eyes. Hearing protection is another important thing to wear, as hearing loss from using a saw can occur without any warning. Wear short sleeves so that your clothes cannot get caught in the blade, and always stand comfortably with your feet apart for proper balance.

    If you need a saw, but you don’t want to invest in a high-end model that you will only need to use once, a saw rental from A-1 Equipment Rental Center of the San Francisco Bay Area is the perfect solution. Call us at (650) 369-2992 if you have any questions, and visit our website to see our tool rental selection. 

  • Safety Tips for Using a Tractor

    Tractors can be very useful machines, but unfortunately they can be very dangerous if not driven carefully. In fact, tractors are the primary cause of accidental deaths on farms. To ensure your safety and the safety of others, read this article before looking into tractor rentals or operating a tractor.

    tractor collecting haystack in the field

    Be Mindful of Potential Hazards
    Tractor operators should check carefully for hazards at all times. Mechanical parts, people near the tractor, unsafe practices, climatic conditions, uneven terrain, and chemicals used are all common causes of injury and hazardous incidents. Keeping a record can help ensure that hazards are assessed and controlled.

    Assess Ways to Minimize Risks
    Once you identify potential hazards, assess the likelihood of it resulting in a hazardous incident or injury. For instance, if you see pedestrians near the tractor, determine if they are too close to the tractor and whether the driver knows they are there. Identify ways to minimize risk.

    Improve Tractor Operator Safety
    The tractor operator should follow all of the safety procedures in the tractor manufacturer’s manual. Using a seat belt, cab or rollover protective structure (ROPS), and hearing protection is essential. Be sure that the tractor is up-to-date on maintenance, the operator is trained and qualified for tractor work, and all of the guards are in place.

    Remember Tractor Operating Safety Tips
    Drive slowly enough to maintain control at all times, and reduce the tractor speed before turning or applying the brakes. Always watch for ditches, depressions, embankments, and steep slopes. When descending, use the motor as a brake by switching to low gear. Take all of the proper safety precautions when towing implements.

    Avoid Strain Injury
    The tractor seat should be adjusted so that the driver is comfortable and close enough to easily reach the controls. Driver discomfort is one of the main causes of accidents; encourage the driver to dismount every hour to spend a few minutes walking and stretching.

    If you’re looking for well-maintained tractors for rent in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact A-1 Equipment Rental Center. Call us at (650) 369-2992 or visit our website for more information.

  • Exploring Some Popular Tool Rentals

    Tile cutting

    If you only use a certain tool once or twice annually, you can save a great deal of money renting rather than buying them. Some of the most popular types of tool rentals include the tile saw, which can retail for around $1,200. Post-hole diggers and rotary hammers are also common rentals, as most people only need to use them briefly during a project. Most people only need to use a tiller once or twice per year, and because they can cost about $5,000 it makes a lot more sense to rent them. Instead of shelling out about $1,500 for a paint sprayer, a diamond saw blade for $1,000, or hardwood-flooring tools for hundreds of dollars, you can rent high-end equipment for a small fraction of the cost. It’s hard to know which size drain auger you need for the job, so many homeowners and business owners prefer to go to an equipment rental store because it’s easy to bring it back if it’s the wrong size.

    To learn more about the equipment rental options we offer at A-1 Equipment Rental Center, visit our website. If you have any questions, give us a call at (650) 369-2992 for more information.

  • Safety Guidelines for Using Ladders

    It’s important to know how to select and use a ladder for proper safety. After all, more than 160,000 people are injured annually due to not following proper safety precautions. First, select a ladder that works for your worksite. If the work you are doing is near electricity or requires you to use power tools, do not select an aluminum ladder. When using a ladder, make sure it is the right size, and never step on the top three rungs of a ladder. For more tips on selecting, inspecting, setting up, and using a ladder, watch this video.

    At A-1 Equipment Rental Center we have a great selection of ladders. If you don’t want to purchase a specialized ladder for a specific project, you can check out our tool rental selection for the perfect ladder for your needs. Call us at (650) 369-2992 or visit our website for more information. 

  • Factors to Consider When Renting Construction Equipment

    If you have a construction project coming up, purchasing all of the necessary equipment can be very expensive. Fortunately, you can find all of the high-quality construction equipment rental supplies you need at A-1 Equipment Rental Center. Read on to learn more about the factors that should be considered when renting construction equipment.


    Reserve Ahead of Time
    At A-1 Equipment Rental Center, you can see our full selection of tool rental options online. You can call us, e-mail us, or fill out an online contact form on our website if you want to make a reservation or ask us a question.

    Security Deposit
    Depending on the item you rent and the contact you sign, you may need to provide a security deposit. This amount usually depends on the amount of time you plan to use the equipment or the value of the construction equipment .

    Sometimes you may be required to pay mandatory fees and charges, including environmental fees, fuel surcharges, or rental insurance against theft, damage, and liability. Contact us for more information about the add-ons associated with our tool rentals.

    Safety and Regulations
    We provide all of the safety information you need to operate each tool. If you want basic training as well, please let us know and we will provide it or put you in touch with somebody who can.

    If you have a longer contract, you may be required to provide basic maintenance or repairs for the equipment. This is because we want to keep all of our tools in excellent shape for both you and the next user.

    Customer Service
    You can contact A-1 Equipment Rental Center any time there is a problem with your tool rental. You can also contact us if you need help with anything or have any questions about how to use your equipment rental.

    To learn about the tool rental supplies we carry at A-1 Equipment Rental of the San Francisco Bay Area, visit our website. We have more than two and a half acres of rental trucks and equipment. For more information, call us at (650) 369-2992.