• Tips for Using a Circular Saw

    Circular saws are known for performing excellent straight cuts. When using a circular saw, you have to be aware of tear-out on the top of the wood. If you are cutting plywood with veneer on them, you will get tear-out on the top side if you aren’t working with a fine blade. Many people prefer to rent circular saws, because the blades are always sharpened and well maintained. It’s hard to freehand a circular saw; instead, use a guide rail such as a piece of wood with a straight edge. Watch this video clip for more tips on how to safely use a circular saw.

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  • Choosing a Paint Color for Your House

    Paint affects the mood, style, and personality of your home. It can even make a room appear larger or smaller than it really is. If you are shopping for paint, use the following tips to select a paint color for your home, and come to A-1 Equipment Rental Center for your paint tool rental needs.

    Experiment with Color
    We always recommend starting small, testing paint on a portion of the wall to determine if it’s a good fit. You can also paint on a poster board if you don’t want to start painting the wall. 

    Painting of an empty wall 3D

    Consider Mood
    Color has a dramatic effect on the mood of a room. If you are painting a bedroom, remember that soft, neutral, and cool colors are good for creating a soothing and restful mood, while stronger and bolder colors will make the room more dramatic. When choosing paint for the dining area, keep in mind that warmer, brighter colors will create a social mood, while blues and neutrals are known for creating a formal atmosphere.

    Look at the Lighting
    Light affects the color of your paint. Natural daylight will give you the true color, while incandescent lighting will bring out yellows and warm tones. Fluorescent lighting brings out sharp, blue tones within the paint. With this in mind, a stronger color might be too strong next to a large window, but just right if it receives only indirect light.

    Use a Color Wheel
    Use a small color wheel if you want to find out which colors go well together. The color wheel will also show you the visual temperature of a color. Many people like to use color wheels to find subtle variations within a color group that can be used in one room.

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  • An Essential Guideline to Towing a Trailer

    Did you know that if you don’t evenly distribute the weight in your trailer that it could put too much weight on the hitch? This reduces the amount of control you have over the trailer and can even cause trailer sway. For more tips on how to tow a trailer and where you can go for your trailer and truck rental needs, read this article.

    Car trailer

    Setting Up the Hitch
    Check the label on the hitch to be sure it can manage the trailer’s weight. If it can’t, you will need a higher hitch class. When you are ready to connect the trailer, raise it on a jack and drive the towing vehicle in reverse until the hitch ball is centered and ready to receive the trailer coupler. Then put the truck in park, engage the parking brake, lower the trailer onto the hitch ball, and employ the locking mechanism. Finally, plug the trailer wires into the towing vehicle’s electrical outlet and attach the safety chains.

    Driving with a Trailer
    One of the biggest differences you will notice when driving with a trailer is the braking. You have more momentum when towing a trailer, so it takes much longer to slow down. This is why you should allow plenty of space for braking, especially if you are traveling at a high speed. Make wider turns than usual, as the wheels of the trailer will make a sharper turn than the wheels of your truck.

    Reversing and Parking
    There’s a great trick that will minimize frustration when backing up with a trailer. Place your hand so that you are gripping the bottom of the steering wheel, and turn your hand in the direction you want the trailer to move towards. When parking, always engage the parking brake and stick blocks behind the tires to prevent the rig from rolling.

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  • Safety Tips for Using an Aerial Lift

    Aerial lifts enable properly trained individuals to repair utility lines and access elevated levels on construction sites. They also allow firefighters to reach high floors of burning buildings for rescues and flame dousing. If you are planning on using an aerial lift for an upcoming project or need to know how to operate one in case of emergencies as part of your job description, ensure that the following safety precautions are taken every time you operate this piece of heavy equipment .

    Scissor Lift and Aerial Boom Lifts Reach Sykward

    Check for Overhead Hazards
    Before operating an aerial lift, look up and identify any potential hazards. On construction sites, this means joists, beams, and any objects protruding from the work in progress. Elsewhere, it may mean power lines, wires, and tree branches. Do not work close to hazards with unpredictable movements, and always stay a minimum of 10 feet from energized wires.

    Wear a Body Harness
    A body harness or restraining belt is a mandatory piece of the aerial lift operator’s ensemble. It offers protection against being pulled from or falling out of the lift basket.

    Do Not Override Safety Devices
    All aerial lift trucks are equipped with emergency stop buttons and some have other helpful electric, hydraulic, or mechanical safety devices. Do not attempt to deactivate or override these devices; they are designed to offer as much protection as possible in the event of an accident.

    Do Not Exceed Load Limits
    Aerial lifts are assigned safe working load limits , many of which are set at 2,000 pounds or fewer. Never, under any circumstances, exceed the designated load limit for your lift. It will make operation riskier, and could get you in trouble.

    Taking these precautions and maintaining a keen awareness of your surroundings while operating an aerial lift can help keep you and those in your vicinity safe. If you are looking to rent an aerial lift, tractor, truck, or other heavy operating equipment in Northern California, check out the two-and-a-half acres of trucks and rental equipment at A-1 Equipment Rental Center . To find out if we have the lift, tools, or equipment you are looking to rent, call (650) 369-2992. 

  • Summer Party Planning Tips

    Summer is the perfect time of year to put on your favorite warm season attire, mix up some refreshing beverages, and invite your friends over for a potluck barbecue. When throwing a summer party, there are plenty of opportunities to put your creativity to the test. To ensure that you do not forget any rental equipment or other party essentials during the planning process, follow these helpful tips.


    Equipment Rentals
    There are several reasons you may need to rent equipment for your party, and bounce houses, sound systems, and rain canopies are only one part of the equation. If you want your yard to look as nice as possible when guests arrive, you will also want to consider renting equipment and materials that will help you paint your fence, trim your hedges, and carry out any other backyard maintenance your property could use.

    Food and Drink
    Most party guests are relatively low-maintenance. As long as they can keep their appetites satiated and their thirsts quenched, they might not even notice if entertainment or decor is lacking. This is not an excuse to skip out on decorations and entertainment planning, but rather a reminder of how important it is to have enough hot dogs, veggie burgers, pizza, and soft drinks for everyone. Even if you ask guests to contribute to your party potluck-style, you should have backup chips and salad on hand so that no one goes hungry.

    Decorating for a summer party can be a blast, especially if you like bright colors. You can go all out if you choose to, but dressing up your living space does not have to require a great deal of time or money. It is smart to invest in washable or disposable tablecloths if you do not already have enough on hand. Centerpieces can be fashioned from empty glasses or mason jars adorned by seashells or flowers. Camp lanterns can be used in lieu of candles. Any unused balloons you have lying around can be inflated for another colorful touch.

    Follow the advice offered above, and your Oakland or San Francisco party is sure to be a hit. If you are looking for lawn and garden equipment to spruce up your lawn in advance of the party or paint and decorating equipment that can help you create the perfect summer fun atmosphere, call A-1 Equipment Rental in Redwood City at (650) 369-2992.

  • Factors to Consider When Choosing a Power Drill


    There are dozens of power drill options, and no single model is best-suited to all tasks. Therefore, it is important to consider the project you are working on and the space in which you are working before deciding on a power drill tool rental option.

    The reason you have to consider your workspace is that corded drills require access to a nearby power source. As far as project specifics are concerned, what is it you plan to do with the drill? How dense is the material into which you will be drilling? Do you plan to drive screws into that material? Your answers to these questions can help you determine how much chuck diameter you need from a drill and whether or not a model with an adjustable clutch will be beneficial.

    If you are looking to rent or buy a power drill in Northern California, A-1 Equipment Rental Center is sure to have the right model for you. To learn more about our extensive inventory of power tools and other tool rentals, which includes four different power drill models , call (650) 369-2992. 

  • How to Safely Use a Step Ladder

    A common piece of home improvement equipment, the step ladder can be found in millions of residential garages throughout the country. While using a step ladder may seem largely a matter of common sense, safety tips like those offered in this video can be invaluable for first-time and everyday users alike.

    From providing a detailed demonstration of the safe and proper way to open and position a step ladder to giving advice on the art of safely descending, expert David Vancise offers comprehensive step ladder use safety advice in a clear, easy-to-follow manner. One tip that cannot be stressed enough is the three-point stance rule, which dictates that two hands and one foot should be firmly planted on ladder rungs at all times while ascending or descending. If you feel ready to operate a step ladder safety but do not yet have one of your own to use, call A-1 Equipment Rental Center at (650) 369-2992 or visit us in Redwood City to choose from a large selection of step ladders and other home improvement equipment rentals.

  • A Look at How Toilets Work

    The average American probably does not spend much time thinking about how a toilet works. This is because most of us have modern flush toilets that, provided we treat them properly, work well most of the time. Understanding how toilets work, however, can make plumbing trouble in your home or business even less common. It can help you identify and solve problems, with the help of the right rental equipment , when they do occur. It may also help you impress your team or the nation in a round of trivia or a game show someday.

    Woman fixing plumbing

    Crucial Components
    In order to understand how toilets work, you must be familiar with the parts of a toilet. In addition to the handle, tank, rim, and bowl, a toilet has five behind-the-scenes components that are essential to its operation. The filler valve, float, overflow tube, and flush valve work together to flush and refill a tank without overflowing it. The siphon is the the gateway to the sewer system, and it helps keep what is flushed down a toilet from coming back up, so long as the toilet is working properly.

    The Flush Process
    In order to push the contents of a toilet bowl through the siphon and into your home’s sewer line, water must hit the tank with considerable force. When you press the flush handle on a toilet tank, water is released from the tank with enough pressure to empty the old contents of the tank and refill the bowl with a fresh supply of water.

    When Problems Strike
    When your tank stops refilling properly or effluent backs up into your toilet bowl, you have a plumbing problem on your hands. With the right tools and equipment, which can be rented from an equipment rental center if you do not want to purchase them, you may be able to solve the problem without the help of a plumbing professional. 

    Are you an ambitious DIY homeowner or plumbing professional in the Bay Area who is looking to rent a plumbing snake, pipe threader, micro color camera, or other plumbing equipment? For access to an excellent selection of plumbing and other home improvement rental tools and equipment , call A-1 Equipment Rental Center at (650) 369-2992.