Essential Safety Information for Power Tools and Hand Tools

Traditional hand tools and modern power tools empower ambitious DIY homeowners to make all sorts of repairs and improvements to their homes. Due to the industrial nature of many home improvement projects, however, many power and hand tools are capable of causing harm if used improperly. To keep yourself and others in your vicinity at little risk of danger where your home improvement equipment is concerned, follow these precautions when using and storing your power and hand tools .

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1.      Always Use Tools Properly
Follow owners’ manual recommendations outlining the use and maintenance of your tools at all times. Never use tools while under the influence of alcohol or medication that can make you drowsy or alter your state of mind. If you are unsure how a tool is supposed to be used, do your research and do not use the tool until you are confident you know how to work it.

2.      Carry and Store Properly
In addition to exercising care when using tools, you should always carry and store them as safely and securely as possible. Never carry a tool by its extension cord or hose, keep cords and hoses away from heat sources that could melt them, use safety switches when not using your tools, and store them well out of the reach of children.

3.      Service Your Tools
Like most equipment, home improvement tools require routine maintenance and occasional repairs. To keep your tools safe to use and in good working condition, have them serviced on a regular basis.

4.      Learn How to Recognize Hazards
From unsafe project conditions to defective equipment, several hazards may present themselves when you are working with power and hand tools. Learn how to recognize these hazards so that you can cease or avoid use of any tools that are more likely than others to cause injury or harm.

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