• What Are the Different Types of Ladders?

    Two ladders against a wall

    Even though ladders share the same purpose of helping homeowners and workers maintain stability at above-ground level heights, a ladder that is perfectly suited for one application and one space may be not at all right for another. To discern whether you should return from the equipment rental center with a simple single lander, an intricately designed and highly versatile combination ladder, or a different type of ladder all together, consider the following information.

    A classic foldout ladder that is non-adjustable in length, a step ladder is great for use in workspaces that are entirely flat. Single ladders, which have only two feet rather than four and require less flat space because of it, are better for worksites that are not graded evenly. Articulated ladders are great for professionals running from site to site because they fold up and are portable. Adjustable in length, extension ladders are also portable and can give access to heights of 30’ and higher. If you think a step or extension ladder is what you need for your Northern California job or home improvement project, call A-1 Equipment Center Rental at (650) 369-2992. 

  • Common Plumbing Mistakes to Avoid

    With a bit of maintenance and some proper care, a well-assembled plumbing system can effectively meet all of your plumbing and wastewater treatment needs. Knowing the limits of your home’s plumbing infrastructure and when you should call a plumber to deal with a problem rather than attempt to fix it yourself with rental equipment will help you keep any major plumbing work you need to a minimum. Read about three common causes of avoidable plumbing trouble below.

    Plumber Working On Sink In Kitchen

    Putting the Wrong Stuff Down Drains

    The only liquids that should find their way down most of the drains in your home are water, unfinished beverages, and hand and dish soap lather. Only acceptable food byproducts should enter your food disposal, and nothing should be thrown in your toilet other than biodegradable toilet paper. If you do end up clogging a drain and are unable to plunge it clear, you can rent a plumbing snake from a tool rental company to reach a clog deeper in your piping.

    Weighing Plumbing Fixtures Down

    Another common plumbing mistake people make is placing too much weight on their plumbing fixtures. Heavy shampoo racks can tear a shower head right off the wall, and grabbing hold of a faucet for support can have the same effect. Applying too much force to a faucet handle will not fix a leaky faucet, but it may break it. Be cognizant of the fragility of plumbing fixtures in your everyday use, and especially so when using tools and equipment to maintain or repair your plumbing.

    DIY Plumbing Repairs and Installations

    DIY homeowners attempting major plumbing repairs and installation projects without the right knowledge and tools run the risk of damaging their plumbing infrastructure. If you have the determination and access to the right equipment, you can install certain plumbing fixtures and make certain repairs on your own. Be sure to do research in advance, turn off your water supply before you start your work, and take care not to force or strain any fittings.

    If you decide to install a new plumbing fixture or repair a plumbing problem on your own, it is imperative that you have the right equipment. To rent a plumbing snake, pipe inspection camera, locator pipe, or other plumbing equipment for your Bay Area home improvement needs, call A-1 Equipment Rental Center at (650) 369-2992.

  • How is Welding Used to Join Metal?

    There are different types of welding, but each of them uses heat to join pieces of metal. To learn about the various types of welding and see a welding project in action, check out this brief video.

    In addition to offering a spellbinding welding demonstration that brings to life the description of the welding process that precedes it, expert sculptor DeWitt Godfrey discusses the differences between welding, soldering, and brazing. If you have been trained in the art of joining metal and are looking to rent tools and equipment that can help you carry out your work to the best of your ability, call A-1 Equipment Rental Center at (650) 369-2992. Our rental equipment is first-rate, designed to help you safely and successfully complete your project in an efficient manner.

  • The Science Behind Hydraulic Jacks

    hydraulic jack

    Hydraulic machinery has revolutionized the heavy equipment industry. Like other hydraulic equipment, hydraulic jacks are powered by incompressible fluid stored in two interconnected cylinders. By applying force to the fluid in one cylinder, the energy and force that are transferred to the other side propels the jack to lift. As long as the fluid passes from one side of the cylinder to the other, the jack continues to be powered.

    The impressive force with which hydraulic power fuels this helpful piece of equipment enables hydraulic jacks to lift heavier loads higher than mechanical jacks can. If you are working on a project that requires the assistance of a jack, boost your lifting capacity by buying or renting a hydraulic jack.

    To inquire about renting a hydraulic jack and any other heavy equipment you may be interested in, call A-1 Equipment Rental Center in Redwood City at (650) 369-2992. You can also click on the link to visit our website.  

  • How to Choose the Right Tractor for Your Project

    From residential lawn care to commercial planting and harvesting, the scope of applications that can be enhanced with the help of a tractor is vast. If you are thinking about renting a tractor for a project you plan to tackle in the near-future and are unsure what type of tractor you should use, take the following steps to narrow down your options and identify the perfect tractor rental for your project.

    Assess Your Needs

    What is the nature of your project? Are you looking to clear, plow, till, or perform some other agricultural function? Think about the applications for which you will use the tractor you’d like to rent, weighing the pros and cons of single function vs. multi-function tractors.

    Construction Equipment

    Do Your Research

    Once you have determined what it is that you are looking for from a tractor, conduct research to narrow your options down to tractors that can give you what you want. Tractors come in an array of sizes and with an array of features, and there is bound to be a tractor out there that will be perfect for your project, whatever it may be.

    Choose Transmission and Engine Type

    Based on your skills and preferences, choose between manual and continuously variable transmission . Decide also how much horsepower you are looing for, and hone in on tractors with engines boasting a comparable or greater horsepower than you need.

    Decide Between Renting and Buying

    Do you just need to use a tractor for a single project, or will it become a regular thing? Do you anticipate using the same type of tractor time and again or will the diverse nature of your projects require you to use different tractors for different applications? These are some of the questions you can ask yourself to figure out whether you should rent or buy.

    At A-1 Equipment Rental Center in Redwood City, California, tractor rentals are one of our specialties. No matter what type of tractor you are looking for, you should be able to find it in our inventory. To learn more about the terms of our tractor rentals and the makes and models in our selection from which you can choose, call (650) 369-2992 today. 

  • The Steps of Using a Drill

    Used primarily for drilling holes in wood, a brace drill is a common tool that can prove helpful to have around. For a step-by-step explanation of how these drills are used, check out this brief video clip. After discussing the four main components of a brace drill, the expert mechanic in this video demonstrates how to properly use one.

    If you are working on a home improvement project and you need a brace drill or any other tools for the job, A-1 Equipment Rental Center in Redwood City has great options available for rent or purchase. To speak with a courteous and helpful member of the A-1 Equipment team, call (650) 369-2992 today. 

  • Essential Safety Information for Power Tools and Hand Tools

    Traditional hand tools and modern power tools empower ambitious DIY homeowners to make all sorts of repairs and improvements to their homes. Due to the industrial nature of many home improvement projects, however, many power and hand tools are capable of causing harm if used improperly. To keep yourself and others in your vicinity at little risk of danger where your home improvement equipment is concerned, follow these precautions when using and storing your power and hand tools .

    cctv guy

    1.      Always Use Tools Properly
    Follow owners’ manual recommendations outlining the use and maintenance of your tools at all times. Never use tools while under the influence of alcohol or medication that can make you drowsy or alter your state of mind. If you are unsure how a tool is supposed to be used, do your research and do not use the tool until you are confident you know how to work it.

    2.      Carry and Store Properly
    In addition to exercising care when using tools, you should always carry and store them as safely and securely as possible. Never carry a tool by its extension cord or hose, keep cords and hoses away from heat sources that could melt them, use safety switches when not using your tools, and store them well out of the reach of children.

    3.      Service Your Tools
    Like most equipment, home improvement tools require routine maintenance and occasional repairs. To keep your tools safe to use and in good working condition, have them serviced on a regular basis.

    4.      Learn How to Recognize Hazards
    From unsafe project conditions to defective equipment, several hazards may present themselves when you are working with power and hand tools. Learn how to recognize these hazards so that you can cease or avoid use of any tools that are more likely than others to cause injury or harm.

    Located in Redwood City and proudly serving San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties, A-1 Equipment Rental Center rents first-rate tools and equipment at excellent prices. All of our equipment is frequently cleaned, inspected, and maintained by experienced specialists to increase the ease, efficiency, and safety of using our rental equipment. To speak with a representative today, call (650) 369-2992.