Exploring Your Scaffolding Options


Without scaffolding, the construction and renovation of most buildings would be far more dangerous than it is. If you are a contractor who is looking to rent scaffolding for your next worksite, you have several options to choose from. Of these, one of the most appealing is undoubtedly the mobile utility scaffold. Portable, adaptable, and fully adjustable, this scaffold can help you gain access to hard-to-reach areas. You can even safely stack mobile utility scaffolds on top of one another to reach the tops of buildings.

Are you a Northern California contractor who is looking to try out new scaffolding on your next construction or renovation project? To learn more about mobile utility scaffolding or our one-day, one-week, and four-week rental options, call A-1 Equipment Rental Center in Redwood City at (650) 369-2992. With a wealth of experience and two-and-a-half acres of rental equipment and tools, we have everything you need to make your next project a success.

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