Tasks that Could Benefit from the Use of Compaction Equipment

If you’re unfamiliar with construction practices, you will likely forget several small but important details when attempting your own projects. For instance, some projects require the use compaction equipment for the best results. Here’s a brief look at common projects that benefit from rollers, compactors, and other pieces of compaction equipment

Compaction of sand before the construction  road

Pouring Sidewalks

Pouring a long-lasting sidewalk is more complicated than it might seem. If the soil beneath a sidewalk is too loose, erosion could cause pieces of the sidewalk to break off prematurely, or tenacious weeds could sprout through the sidewalk. A gas-powered compactor can make sure the soil is dense enough to resist shifting and plant growth before the sidewalk concrete is poured. The more compact the soil is, the longer the sidewalk will last.

Preparing a Foundation

Compaction is even more important when building a home or another structure. Even if a home has a concrete foundation , that foundation is bound to crumble and fail if the soil around it is loose. Before pouring a foundation, experienced builders make sure the underlying soil is compacted enough to resist water and potentially devastating erosion. There are several pieces of equipment that can provide ample compaction—including a jumping jack compactor, which looks like a jackhammer; and a ride-on roller, which looks like a riding lawnmower.   

Constructing Roads

Just like sidewalks, roads must be built on sufficiently compacted soil if they’re going to last for decades. It’s also important to compact the asphalt after it has been laid down, as this helps prevent pieces of asphalt from becoming dislodged over time. Ride-on rollers are effective for compacting asphalt roads, bike lanes, and driveways.  

If you’re interested in any of the above projects, and want to do a professional-grade job, you’ll need some kind of compaction equipment. Fortunately, A-1 Equipment Rental Center offers several compactors and rollers. Call our Bay Area office at (650) 369-2992 to find out if we have the rental equipment you need for your next project

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