How to Help Your Lawn Get Ready for Spring

Though the Bay Area enjoys decent weather all year round, many homeowners neglect their lawn during the colder months. However, the great thing about lawns is that they can bounce back once the weather warms up. If you’re anxious to restore your lawn to its former glory this spring, consider the following tips.  

Garden Cleanup

Remove Thatch

Over the winter, leaves, blades of grass, and other types of organic debris will come together to create a layer of thatch on your lawn. If left alone, this thatch will make it difficult for water and nutrients to reach the grass roots. To give your lawn a fighting chance this spring, remove the thatch with a hard metal rake.  

Aerate the Lawn

There’s a good chance that your lawn’s soil has become impacted during the winter. Again, impacted soil can make it difficult for your grass to get the water and nutrients it needs. Fortunately, a core aerator can remove small plugs of soil, making it easier for water to seep into the ground.

Fill in Bare Patches

Heavy foot traffic and plant debris can conspire to leave several bare spots in your lawn. Instead of allowing your lawn to have a few unsightly bare spots, consider overseeding your lawn. Applying seed to your lawn can be very easy if you have the right seeder.  

Add Fertilizer

Though experts say that fall is the most important time for fertilization, you can also give your lawn a little bit of fertilizer in the spring . Compost and mulch are the best kinds of fertilizer, though you can also use chemical fertilizer if it’s more convenient.

Apply Preemergent

Grass isn’t the only thing that grows in the spring—enterprising weeds will also grow, soaking up the nutrients and water meant for your grass. Fortunately, you can keep your lawn relatively weed free by applying a preemergent herbicide.

If you need any kind of landscaping equipment to help maintain your lawn this spring, call A-1 Equipment Rental Center at (650) 369-2992. We offer our San Jose clients landscape rakes, lawn aerators, mowers, and much more. 

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